Sunday, August 7, 2011

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Rich Man, Poor Man


  1. That was first rate!!!!!

    Everyone should see this.

  2. Right on! I might have to borrow it!

    If you really want to know how bad the "poor" have things, check your local newspaper in the crime reports!
    In Toledo's paper, burglars who rob an apartment in the housing projects seem to always get away with large flat screen tv's and 2 video game systems...from people who are on welfare, with free housing, free utilities, free food and paid car maintenance...let that sink in... the most often reported thefts are flat screen tv's and video games...not food, not clothing...but expensive tv's and video games!

    When I was poor as a kid and a minwage worker in my teens, a 12" black and white tv was a luxury and a video game system was a wet dream! Cable? Forget it!
    I think I was the last of the "poor" who actually had to live like I was poor.

    I could never have imagined that not working was actually an option and, paid better too.

    Now, it's a "protected lifestyle" or, "career option" being pimped by the democraps.

  3. Sepp - it is amazing - there was a guy who determined (talk about drawing fire from the left) that if you made only $14,500 a year yet took advantage of all the various government programs available to someone in that range you would have more disposable income than a guy making $60,000. His methodology may have been imperfect - but it doesn't negate the point.

    I've been overseas as I'm sure you have been - I've seen REAL poverty. We have a system that turned a safety net into a hammock - and that's wrong.

  4. CS and Sepp,

    I am currently poor. Last year the wife and I managed to come up with a little over $16,000. Our mortgage alone was $11,500. We did get foodstamps for about 5 months, so that helped, but what would have helped more was that son-of-a-bitch Obama keeping his oft repeated promise of jobs.

  5. TGP,
    Your "poorness" isn't the result of just choosing not to work.
    THAT is what the welfare safety net is for...temporary setbacks that keep you afloat until you get on your shame in that whatsoever.
    Now if you were an able-bodied person who just hopped on the gravy train the day you turned 18 and, made a career out of doing nothing but waiting for the check, we'd have respect issues...such as with the leach from that judge judy video I posted.

    I wouldn't count on Obama for any jobs since the only jobs he's ever "created" were cabinet jobs in his czar infested administration...which none of those folks are qualified to create jobs since marxists only understand command economies.