Sunday, August 14, 2011

Governor Rick Perry’s Timing

Much has been made of the timing of Governor Rick Perry announcing his candidacy for President on Saturday.  I wasn’t aware of any Marquis de Queensbury rule that he broke.  I can tell you I was so captivated by the drama in Iowa that I was out walking a neighborhood for a State Senate candidate. 

A rain storm interrupted my door knocking and when I got into my truck former Speaker Newt Gingrich was speaking in Iowa on C-SPAN.  He was doing very well and had some superb recommendations for this Congress – I hope Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor were listening.  However his speech was interrupted by an announcement assuring C-SPAN listeners like me that we could rest assured that no matter who was speaking, they would interrupt to carry Governor Perry’s remarks.  I guess they were as interested as everyone else. 

I got home in time to catch some of Herman Cain’s speech on Fox News.  I love the part where he acknowledges the criticism of his lack of foreign policy experience and then remarks “ . . and the guy we have there now has experience?”  It’s about 5 minutes in – you owe it to yourself to at least listen to that. 

Fox cut from time-to-time to South Carolina where nameless people were fussing with the podium in preparation for the news that we were all waiting for. 

Sixteen thousand Iowans were gathered in an important, but as it turns out largely irrelevant contest.  Ron Paul was running for President for the third time – now there’s a news scoop.  I love the fact that Michelle Bachmann won (Paul would REALLY be insufferable had he won) and I love the fact that Governor Perry’s write-in votes beat Governor Mitt Romney (who was on the ballot).  But the real news that a majority of Americans were waiting for was going to happen in South Carolina.  You can bet President Obama took time from his vacation or campaign to watch. 

Now the real fight is on.  A Texas-based blogger has done a truly masterful job in researching “ . . . the seventeen (17) things that  critics are saying about Rick Perry.”  It’s a great and evenhanded read.  He has also written a Pro-Perry piece at Pesky Truth titled “Why Rick Perry should be out next President.”    

It’s time to get serious friends and get behind a serious candidate.  

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  1. And he shot a coyote with his pistol while out jogging. That's pretty cowboyish.

  2. Not really TGP. If you go jogging in Toledo these days you should probably have a pistol there too!
    As for Perry, he'll most certainly shake things up for the other candidates and, put Obama on the defensive.

  3. Watching TV News this AM waiting for the coffee to finish and some liberal nut job was already running through the lib side of Garnett92's 17 talking points.

    They must be scared of Perry, very, very scared. That makes me happy.

  4. Tenth,
    hell that's no big deal...I shot one off my back porch and I didn't even have my cowboy hat on yet.

  5. Amigo,
    I saw the same trash this morning. I sat there grinning.

  6. I personally have to check out more on Perry. I don't like his views on gay marriage, or abortion. But I do like his personal background and his ideas on immigration.

  7. Hardnox,

    Last thing off at night and first thing on in the morning. What were you thinking?