Monday, October 24, 2011

Joe Biden and Rape

I know that it is criminally easy to make fun of Vice President Joe Biden.  That is not my specific intent.  Rather it is to offer a conservative solution to the problem that ole dumb Joe identified: 

Rape is not the kind of problem that police prevent.  We would be infinitely more successful in attacking the problem by making our women more resistant to rape.  Given all the noise about the child obesity epidemic hardening our women could begin in schools.  Teach kickboxing, karate, and self-defense to our girls instead of field hockey, volleyball, and badminton.  We’re already blowing around $12,000 per student without much return on that investment, why not change the curriculum to benefit students? 

If we really want to rape-proof our young girls, we could teach them to shoot.  For what we pay to put these kids through school, we could suspend some of the soft subjects (visual arts, performing arts) and with the savings, buy each girl her own lightweight .38 pistol and train her to use it. 

If parents have an aversion to turning their young girls into self-confident pistoleros, then we could substitute pepper spray.  It might be easier for the squeamish leftists to accept if they think of shooting rapists as a really, really late-term abortion conducted by a skilled amateur.  

While some may think this a sexist solution, I do believe in separating boy things and girl things.  We could similarly occupy boys with baseball, football, boxing, and rifle marksmanship.  If we really wanted to give the Nation a boost – pugil stick training

We could use the existing Troops-to-Teachers program to provide the talent.  The military discharges tens of thousands of competent shooting instructors and dynamite role models every year (another two-fer). 

Liberals (Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, whatever) like Joe Biden are capable from time-to-time of identifying a problem.  What liberals are never good at it identifying and implementing solutions.  


  1. When my little girl took her knife to school, I told the assistant principal that by the time she's 15 she'll be a weapon.

    I have four daughters. I wholeheartedly support your solution to Joe's problem. I am also in favor of making it mandatory that child molesters be beaten to death.

  2. First, Joe lied and he knows it. Repeating myself ... but the pooooolice don't show up until after something has happened! Joe knows that very well (google his association with the police in Delaware).

    Second, I haven't a clue what parents go through relative to this subject. I will be most interested in reading the comments that follow your super blog post, CS.

  3. CS- I'm not about too get into a sporting debate with you again:) I'm with TGP on this one. In fact, the funny thing is, I think it was back in July that I put out the post on the subject of molestation. If memory serves, that's when TGP found me, and I found all of you. YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..........
    Anyway, my response is still the same. The only cure for their sickness lies with-in their graves. I think we could throw rapists in there as well.

    Oh Yeah, all I can say, is go F##K yourself Mr. Vice-President. Why don't you go spend another 192 days in session, regarding steroid use in Baseball. What a piece of S##T.

    MRS. AL- I got a great story for you. I live in the Chicagoland area. You know, in Illinois. That's right, the same Illinois that still refuses too allow any kind of carry permit.

    Anyway, One day a pamphlet was in my mail. It was a info pamphlet regarding Emil Jones III. EJ3 is a rep. in the State senate, whose up for re-election next year. I ran down the list of accomplishments. #4 was spectacular. It was about a young divorcee' who had a restraining order against her abusive ex-husband. He went on too explain how this man still stalked her, too the point, where she pretty much started to live in hiding. The ex hired a P.I. When he found out where she lived, he showed up at the door, and shot her 3 times. He helped pass a law that will prevent this in the future. Guess what it is.................

    Give up, well it doesn't involve firearms. It is now illegal in Illinois too hire a P.I. if you have a restraining order against you. That's Illinois politics at it's finest.

  4. Good post.

    I think your "Troops-to-Teachers" program is terrific idea. I recommend training the girls for a crotch shot.

    Getting back to Plugs Biden and rape, I wonder if he'd get raped in prison along with all the other criminals in this regime.

  5. Tenth,

    I thought of your girls when I saw that pink gun. Wouldn't that be great for the last thing some cretin sees to be a pink .38 putting him down?

  6. CS,

    Yes, that would, but if the occasion ever arises, I will probably go all Charles Bronson and start killing "bad" guys like crazy.

  7. Mrs. AL,

    I can't believe that they don't hide Biden somewhere - he is a source of endless gaffs. I am distressed that an entire rank of law enforcement professionals stood behind him grinning. I guess money trumps effective law enforcement.

  8. Johnny,

    And a good day it was went we ran into you - even though we have to agree to disagree on sports issues.

    The tortured logic of liberals never ceases to amaze me.

  9. H-Nox,

    While I am with you in spirit, I think that going for the crotch shot might result in a bunch of angry eunuchs running around. I think that we should teach two rounds center of mass followed by a head shot if the pervert doesn't go down.

    Ammo is cheaper than blood.

  10. J.O.B. - relative to your Illinois solution, in the words of my dear departed parents, "Now that's a typical tweety operation." As for the "Land of Lincoln," it's been on the wrong side of so much it's not funny. I was from Iowa. It's not much better there, let me tell you.

    CS - you really don't want to get me started on "law enforcement." First, you probably would not like anything I have to say and second, the goonies might come and get me. While I used to have 100% respect for LE (that percentage has dropped), I then met and married the real deal.

  11. Mrs. AL,

    I think it is the union goons that are to blame - not your average police officer or firefighter. My opinion.

  12. Well, CS, you're on the right track in a lot of ways. Don't get me wrong, I still have respect for LE, just more on an individual level and not en mass.

  13. Hard to believe this guy is the VP of the USA? What a sad chapter in our history. The team of Alphonse and Gaston strike again.

  14. Mrs, Al - Thank you - loved your latest challenge over at Mrs. AL's place.

  15. Paladin,

    Makes you wonder how the people of Delaware kept the guy's political career alive this ling.