Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Letter We Want Mr. President

President Obama is said to write two or three hand-written letters a day to answer ten letters from people carefully selected for him by his staff.  It was recently revealed that he has included checks in some as he is frustrated that he can’t help people more quickly

Mr. President, the only letter that we the American people are interested in seeing is your letter of resignation.  That will give everyone an immediate lift.  Fire Joe Biden and then resign.  There is no way that Representative John Boehner will screw things up as bad as you have.  

I'll bet you anything that his staff hasn't shown the President my letters.  


  1. He may be forced to resign if they don't soon find that stolen teleprompter.
    Well it would be a miracle but, hey I believe in miracles. WE can only hope.

  2. Paladin,

    I want him to fire Biden first - having Biden as President is about the only thing that might be worse than Obama.

  3. The letter I'd like:

    Dear Mrs. Obama,

    The Department of Defense regrets to inform you...

  4. No, the President hasn't gotten your letters, CS, but I bet one of the alphabet soup named organizations has -- haha!

  5. Mrs, AL,

    We have many friends in those alphabet soup organizations. My wife asked one not long ago how they would come for me. His answer:

    "Suits," he said "they will be in suits and it will be four o'clock in the morning."

    Another reason for me to stay in bed until 7:30 AM.