Friday, October 28, 2011

Meeting the Democrat Voter

Yesterday I was walking a neighborhood for three Republican candidates.  At one home an older man came to the door and spoke to me through the screen door.  It had sliding glass panels in it and he dropped the top one to speak with me.  I held up the three tracts and started to speak and he interrupted “Republican or Democrat?”  I said “Republican.”  He sneered at me and pulled up the window and turned to slam the door.  I turned to leave.  I heard the panel drop and he said “Let me tell you about Republicans!”  I turned to listen to the old coot. 

He went on the standard tirade as if he got all his information from Chris Matthews on MSLSD and the increasingly temporary occupant of the White House.  It was the inflamed ravings of a liberal (democrat, progressive, socialist, whatever) lunatic.  He ended with “If Obama gave away free beer at the ball park, you would still want to make him a one-term President.”  I started to laugh, which probably didn’t help our budding relationship.  He slammed the door. 

This is exactly what I’ve reported in the past about how rude (and ridiculous) a liberal can be.  A Republican might not have time for you, might not want to discuss politics on the stoop, or might not want some stranger banging on his door – but generally they won’t be rude.  It takes a liberal to really get nasty.  When liberals come to my door, since I know that most often than not they are paid – I’m delighted to talk with them.  Generally Republican volunteers are actually volunteers.  But if you get a freak-show on your door step, burn up some commie cash – talk with them.  Better yet, talk to them until they need the rest room and then say “Sorry, I gotta go.” 

Back to my curmudgeon.  Think about how ignorant that last statement was.  If President G.W. Bush had wanted to give away free beer at the ball park I would have opposed that.  A liberal seems to believe that the government is good for “free” stuff.  This cranky bastard thinks that there is “free” stuff out there to be distributed by a benevolent government.  He thinks that government knows better than “we the people” how to spend the fruits of our labor.  That same day Obama on the stump promised to relieve students of some of their college loan debt.  He said it won’t cost anything – how does that work?  That’s a rhetorical question of course – it doesn’t.  I’m sure my curmudgeon would disagree.

He’s a democrat, he’ll probably vote on the 8th . . . . . . twice.  The worst part is that when he dies, he’ll keep voting.  Dead people always seem to vote for Democrats. 


  1. First, let me give you super kudos for hearing this man out. You have remarkable patience. Don't know as I would have remained there and listened.

    What this exchange tells me is that the gulf between government and the citizenry has reached critical mass. Like most liberal/leftists this man does not connect himself to the government. It is something that is there and separate from himself. Conservatives here, on the other hand, recognize and take seriously their understanding that We the People of the United States fund the government, etc.

    Thank you for this reminder, CS. I will bear this in mind next time I am exchanging thoughts, etc with a liberal.

  2. I admire you for your tenacity and patience. I've never been able to quite figure out why liberal democrats are indeed so rude. I've experienced the same thing many times working phone banks. All I can figure is that deep down, they know how stupid and idiotic they really are.

  3. Mrs. AL,

    I was waiting for him to shut up so I would have a chance to respond - but then I broke out laughing. He didn't appreciate that - ruined the mood.

  4. Right,

    You are probably correct. My experiences walking have generally been good but you do get the occasional not-job.

  5. Amigo,
    Are you sure that you didn't accidentally visit mud-rake (aka douche bag troll that prowls our blogs)?

    You've been knocking him around quite a bit over at Tenth's place. Odd that he is never able to defend his positions but always reverts to insults while reading off the liberal script that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    mud is typical of any liberal that I have ever encountered. They are an angry and hateful lot, even if when their guys are in power. I find it hysterical that they can vilify any logical position from the right but never question the stupidest idea generated from their side.

    On the other hand, we conservatives will invariably question any and all ideas coming from our side. The proof is our reaction regarding these pseudo debates as of late.

    I suppose that the root of their anger lies in the knowledge that their team is about to be benched for the next 20 years, or maybe just maybe, they realize that they are actually lemmings and dare not stray off the plantation.

    You have much more tolerance than I do for sure. Kudos for your efforts. My conversations usually end with me saying “you’re a friggin moron”. I know that doesn’t permit any converts to our cause but I submit that we cannot convert a true liberal anyway.

    Surprisingly, I find more and more voters that had supported zero and company who now realize that a grave mistake has been made on their part. It certainly gives me hope in the knowledge that average Americans are not as clueless as liberals believe that they are.

    Please keep up the good work.

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  7. Hardnox,

    Mud_Sling visited to point out a typo in my comment above. I wrote "not-case" when I obviously meant "nut-case." My readers will have to accept my humble apology.

    I was thinking that now for me at least, Mud_Sling has a face. Every time I read one of his posts, I'll see that skinny old curmudgeon, shaking with rage, spittle flying from his lips screaming incoherently, "You REPUBLICANS!!!!!"

    That vision is almost as funny and pathetic as what Mud writes.

  8. You bring up a valid point. When the conversation goes into the realm of politics, I am always amazed at how mad, my pro-Obama friends get at me, because they can't change my mind. I make a simple statement, like Obama is a self absorbed piece of s##t. And they go off their rockers, raising their voices, and telling me my opinion is fueled by racism. My feelings on Obama are purely personal, from his days in Chi-town. Are liberals racist, because they hate Cain's 999 plan? I just find it funny sometimes, how they get so upset, when they can't change an opinion.

  9. Johnny,

    Thanks. Have you ever noticed that Liberals worship their leaders? No one is perfect except a liberal leader (in the opinion of a liberal). It's amazing, no matter how flawed, liberals construct a fantasy around their leaders - I think the best example was JFK. Exceptionally flawed as a person, unsuccessful as a President, yet the "Camelot" fantasy continues to this day.

    It wouldn't be such an interesting phenomena except that "Camelot" is 180 degrees out from reality - yet the mythology persists.

    They are trying to do the same thing for Barack and Michelle. Won't work - the evidence is stacked against them.

  10. CS- I'm not quite sure that they worship their leaders. I personally believe, that they perceive themselves to have the utmost intelligence. Maybe that's why Dems throw around the term Low Info Voter's. The problem with having a high intelligence rating, is that you can never admit too mistakes. Because that just makes you dumb.

  11. Johnny,

    You might be right - though I think that you are too kind (my opinion). The thing that makes it hysterically funny (maybe tragic is a better word) is the complete yin-yang of what democrats (liberals, socialists, progressives, whatever) say and what is actual ground truth.

  12. Intelligence and truth are always the victims when talking to these types of folks. If you were on fire he probably would have thrown gasoline on you. I campaigned in the past for some local School Board and Judge positions but I refused to go door to door. I admire your courage. So many voters are useful idiots.

  13. I've noticed with libs that as time has gone by in Obama's presidency, they have become increasingly bitter with each passing day.

    My guess is that they're beginning to see how duped they were by this clown and, they're venting.
    They thought they were electing a mix between Castro and Willy Wonka and, ended up getting a neutered version Jimmy Carter who can't find his own ass with both hands.

    Obama is the guy they were convinced would solve everything...and instead he's been a dismal failure due to a lacking of any leadership skills whatsoever.

    I'd be bitter too if I'd been banking on this clown to do any more than feed his own ego.

  14. Paladin,

    True enough. Thanks for your kind words.

  15. -Sepp,

    Welcome back! You were missed.