Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am not an Independent

It is interesting puttering around the blogosphere and indeed life in general that you run into so many “Independents.”  People brag about it.  (I don’t know why)  People cluster in groups of “Independents.”  (Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?)  And of course, people take themselves out of the great game that is politics to be “Independent.”  Or perhaps they see advantage to being wooed by the two major parties.  Personally, I don’t get it. 

I’ve never been an “Independent” rather I have always been a Republican.  As I was becoming politically aware Ronald Reagan was my governor so I knew what good governance was and what a good Republican was.  Admittedly we seem to collect your John McCains, Olympia Snowes, and Gary Johnsons – but you also get your Dick Cheneys, Allan Wests, and John Ashcrofts.  But I’m not personally aware of a situation where electing a Democrat (Socialist, Progressive, Liberal, whatever) would have been better than the Republican alternative.  That’s just silly. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do know that there are Republicans who have let us down.  There are Republicans who turned out to be perverts, crooks, and weasels.  However the Republican Party is the only Party that actually tries to eject those characters; the Democrat Party generally embraces them.  Indeed cheating on your taxes and/or your wife appears to be a qualifier of sorts for senior Democrats. 

I freely admit for the 22 years that I was in the Marine Corps I voted by simply looking for the “R” after a candidate’s name.  I was comfortable with that because being a Republican means something for the most part.  In Virginia the Republican Party codifies their beliefs in a Creed that says we believe:

That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice,

That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society,

That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government,

That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations,

That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense,

That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the
moral fiber of the Nation.

In general, that’s what it means to be a Republican anywhere.  If you believe those things, then a Democrat is never going to make you happy.  If you believe those things and you insist on being an “Independent” then I’m not completely sure that you grasp the reality of politics today.  I don’t see anyone floating around out there in “Independent-Land” that has what it takes to hold office.  Hell, even loopy Congressman Ron Paul is smart enough to side with the Republicans. 

I suppose you are saving $25 a year to belong to your local county committee - maybe that’s what “Independent” means.


  1. Excellent post. I think you may have convinced me to switch back. I know being an independent in PA takes me out of the primary election. You post makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

  2. Paladin,

    Thank you for your kind words. Welcome home.

  3. I am an independent, and shall remain so. I will not belong to something that is a sub-grouping of "citizen". I am an American, period. And I'll keep my $25 to use where I see fit, usually the Republican candidates.

  4. Amigo,
    I too have wondered about those independants. For crying out loud, pick a team.

    The dims have never offered anything that didn't redline my BS detector. I too have always voted for the "R" team since I was 18 years old. I was a card carrying GOP member until I realized my local group were morons. I tried my best to get them to dislodge their heads from the fourth point of contact to no avail. Thus ended my local membership.

    Now I just send money to my favorite candidates and talk with whoever will listen to me about those candidates.

  5. Tenth,

    "Independent" is a sub-groping of citizen. Marines are a glorious sub-groping of citizen. Tax payers are a sub-groping of citizen. There is no inherent problems with being sub-grouped within the greater subset of Americans.

  6. H-Nox,

    Sometimes I'm with you - I go to meetings and want to go be a hermit ("Independent?"). I'm the guy who is always yelling "Where is that in the agenda?" or "Move to adjourn."

    I look at the problem from a different angle. Like you I don't wash my money through any PAC or organization - I give my treasure and my time directly to candidates. I do belong to the local committee because despite all their problems, eccentricities, and temporary insanities, they are where the rubber meets the road. I don't belong to the state or national organizations - they pissed me off and I tell them every time they call.

    The value - to the degree that there is value in politics - in a Party is that they organize and focus effort. It's those local committees that support everyone from school board members to town mayors to county board of supervisors. Those guys don't get as much notice as presidents, senators, and governors, but they often have a bigger effect on your life.

    We complain about being victims of the public school system but we don't pay any attention when we have the chance to elect school board members. That's part of being in the local committee.

    The Party organizations that start with precincts focus effort and organize. That's the important part of belonging in my opinion.

  7. CS,

    Being a Marine is an addition to being a citizen, a step above. Being in a political gang is like wrestling pigs. I enjoy being a free man - I would no sooner join a political party than I would join a union. I think they are extremely similar.

  8. As always a well thought out post, CS. I "occupy" a split-household. I am a Republican and my husband person is registered Independent. Interestingly enough, we think alike and tend to vote alike.

  9. As I mentioned in my comment above, the problem in PA is when you are Independent, you essentially eliminate yourself from the Primary Elections in the spring. We here in PA can only vote on Issues and Referendums in the Primary (unless of course there is an Independent Candidate on the Ballot). Unfortunately, there usually isn't, so I'm pretty much out and in my county the Dems have a 2-1 registration advantage..........so you know what that means.....I'm sufferin'.

  10. Tenth,

    Low blow comparing a union to the Party of Lincoln and Reagan - also grossly inaccurate. Let me help you with some differences:

    Union membership is not voluntary in many places (look for the areas with high unemployment and they require union membership) while all Republicans are volunteers.

    The political philosophy of union members often does not match the ideological ardor of the Socialists (Progressives, Democrats, Liberals, whatever) who lead unions while Republican generally agree with each other 85% of the time.

    Unions and particularly public sector unions are money laundering schemes for the Democrat Party while Republican contributions are all voluntary and above board.

    Most importantly, unions are generally destructive of the businesses or industries that they attach themselves to while Republicans believe in creating an atmosphere that favors the free market and Republican lead communities typically thrive under GOP leadership.

    Unions are about wielding power while Republicans are about freedom.

    If you wanted to build homes in Michigan you would be required to join a union while Republicans would be happy to have you - we won't make you join us.

  11. Mrs. AL,

    Thank you for your kind comment. I am surprised you allow that sort of thing under your roof. LOL.

  12. Paladin,

    Wow - that's tough. I'm originally from Washington - they have the same problem. There is Free Washington and then there is King County (Seattle). If you Pennsylvanians divorced Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania could be free too.

    Maybe Delaware would take Philly off your hands?

  13. Amigo,
    Understood and valid points. However, my local GOP members are nothing more than wannabe politcal hacks positioning themselves for office or power broker.

    A waste of time.

    I'll stick with supporting my candiate directly.

  14. H-Nox,

    As they say - all politics is local.

  15. Great comeback, CS. Still kind of chuckling. Would like to interject an off-topic comment, if I may -- like many of your readers, I appreciate an orderly household, just as I expect order in the workplace, etc. I am one of those really really old-fashioned female humanoids who believes the man is the head of the home. Why, some may ask. To keep order. I am second in command and my opinions, thoughts and ideas receive the utmost respect. Kind of cool, IMHO.

    Thanx for letting me babble, CS. Whew -- I feel better now.

  16. Thank you Mrs. AL, I'm going to go discuss this with my wife. Wish me luck.

  17. Now THAT'S funny, CS. (In reality, don't think I have to wish you luck.) Now I will tie my previous comment to D.C. One of the reasons we are in such tumultuous times is because the "order" established with the Declaration Independence and Articles of Confederation has been turned on its head, IMHO. The national government has taken over the governance duties meant to be handled by the States and The People within those States. The most extreme example I can think of is that today, we have a President of the People, not President of the United STATES. Hmmm ... President of the People brings what to mind?!

    Oh, and good luck, CS.

  18. Mrs. AL,

    Ann Coulter made the case recently (and I concur) that the Constitution was a natural result of the chaos that was America under the Articles of Confederation.


    I do concur that this populous model of President as Community Organizer-in-Chief is extremely dangerous. It goes back to the intent of the Constitution to have States deeply influence and restrain the Federal government. We have unraveled some of that to our detriment and people seem bent on unraveling more.