Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Barbershop

As a conservative I get haircuts at a barbershop rather than getting my hair styled at a salon. My barbershop of choice has six chairs and an eclectic group of barbers. I went in early to get my haircut and there were only two of the lady barbers working. I sat in the chair and the two women were talking about children, college, spouses, and relationships. I wasn’t really paying attention as Fox News was on and I was focused on the television while altogether too much gray hair was falling around me.

The discussion ended and my barber focused instead on my head with part of her attention cocked towards the television. Most of the time that I have been in the shop the television has been tuned to shows other than the news. Several times it has been the History channel which is just fine with me.

Clip, clip, clip, and an audible sigh. Barber says “I know that I should be interested in politics but I just can’t make myself care.”

I couldn’t help myself. I admitted that I was a political junkie and then added, “With the exception of your personal relationships all of the problems in your life are caused by the government.” The topic on television had been the price of gas and off course it is all too easy to draw out why the Obama regime is at fault there.

Later I thought that one’s health might be separate from government fault. However were government not involved in health care, it wouldn’t be so expensive and the health care industry could focus on cures, new drugs, and preventative measures that work. As it is the health care industry spends most of its time defending itself from nuisance law suits and government interference.

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  1. I haven't paid for a haircut since Obama's been the nominee. Self inflicted barracks cuts in the kitchen, but at least I'm good at it.