Thursday, May 12, 2011

Memebusters! The Osama Bin Laden Edition

Thank you Bill Whittle for another memorable episode in busting liberal lies:

I wonder how many other false "memes*" are out there? 

* Meme - an idea or element of social behavior passed on through generations in a culture, esp by imitation


  1. Amigo,

    Whittle did a superb job. Thanks for re-posting this.

  2. Gutsy call. Yeah, right. That was really good, but how do you get the enemy to listen?

  3. You mean all that stuff ain't true? Talk about dissappointment.

  4. Thank you H-Nox - a buddy sent me that.

    AdamJay - You keep a good looking blog.

    10th - Sadly yes none of that stuff is true.