Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There is more work to be done

As much as I am enjoying the death of Osama bin Laden, there is a lot of work yet to be done.  I have congratulated the President for keeping one of his campaign promises (I think this is the only one) so it is time for him to move on as well.  

Watching some of the news coverage makes me think that we are getting a little overcome with glee over a relatively minor event.  Senator Barbara Mikulski (Idiot – MD) likened the feelings inspired by the death of bin Laden to the how she felt when World War II ended.  Really?!?  What a moron. 

When American Naval intelligence got wind of an inspection tour of forward bases to be conducted by Admiral Yamamoto (the architect of the arrack on Pearl Harbor) an attack was ordered by President Roosevelt.  Long-range Army fighters intercepted the Japanese bomber carrying Yamamoto and shot it down on 18 April 1943.  It was an important event to both sides, but it had little actual impact on the war.  It wasn’t until August 15th 1945 that Japan surrendered.  This is the closest historical event to what happened last Sunday evening. 

I’m glad that bin Laden is dead.  I’m happy that fish are feeding on his putrid remains.  I’m happy that President Obama ordered the action.  I am delighted that we have Navy SEALs and no one else does.  However it ain’t over until the proverbial fat lady sings and she isn’t even warming up yet.   

I hope that this incident informs our President how magnificent the American military really is. 

God bless the United States and success to the Marines (Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, and Coasties).  

SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper      American Heroes in Special Operations


  1. Amigo,
    Well said.

    I hope that you aren't holding your breath. Zero like all lefties only appreciate the military when it is their individual ass being saved. To which they lavish huge praises complete with photo-op and crocodile tears, then 20 seconds later go back to attacking the evil military and the industrial military complex.

  2. Nice commentary the last few posts on the recent events. With all the coverage on the news lately (I follow FOX News), I've seen so many books, I don't think I have time to read them all. This "Seal Team Six" looks like a must read however. On another thought, when I first heard that the buried the bastard at sea, I was amazed. I thought "how could they make such a stupid mistake". But upon further reflection, I love it. Burial at sea is not one of the desirable ways to be buried if you are a Muslim I guess and I love the idea that there is no one specific spot of so much as a square inch on this earth that other bastards can go worship this asshole....... and that is about as vulgar as I get. Keep up the good work.

  3. Common Sense writes, I hope that this incident informs our President how magnificent the American military really is.

    Interesting statement CS. Of course, the hidden meaning in this sentence implies that Obama had always thought otherwise.

    Do you have any 'proof' that he was somehow anti-military or are you just ASSuming that he was because he's a black, 'illegitimate' Democrat?

    I have a hunch, although I do not know, that if you were blogging back in May 2003, your blog would have lit up like fireworks when GW Bush flew onto the deck of the USS Lincoln to deliver his 'Mission Accomplished' speech.

    Did you 'believe' that, in fact, the mission was accomplished? Further, did you believe that Saddam was a proper substitute for not catching OBL?

    Conservative blogs [like Hardnox] are having a very difficult time embracing the killing of America's Enemy #1. What a shame that conservatives put politics before national pride. How un-American they have become.

    By dissing the President, you are also dishonoring the work of the Seals team 6- even though you pretend not to. How can you rail against the President and his decision to used the Seals and not also dishonor his team?

    Pathetic and juvenile political pap from your partisan Delusional World.

  4. mud,
    Funny how you trolls ALWAYS interject racism into the discussion. Racism is your issue not ours. It always has been. Your team owns the franchise. Obviously another one of those inconvient truths that you choose to dismiss.

    You mention my difficulty in embracing OBL's death. How's that? Your reading comprehension skills suck. Maybe it's those kool-aid stained reading glasses. For the record, I wholeheartedly embrace the termination of America's #1 enemy. I can hardly wait who the military gets next.

    Lastly, if this blog is pap why do you repeatedly keep coming back and spewing your garbage? It must really suck to be you.

  5. Common Sense,

    Please quit letting this fool run his idiotic mouth on your blog. He is a giant asswipe, and has some nerve to talk about putting politics before national pride.

    The idea that Obama takes pride in our military makes me think of his wifes first "proud" moment as an American. Had my wife said something like that we'd have some irreconciliable differences. And only a fool would think she was telling the truth, which makes her a fool. So, Obama has had trouble recognizing what sacrifice and deication look like until his security clearance let him view it on a monitor as it took place. I am certain that his understanding, as well as his pride in the men who protect his skinny little ass, has increased tenfold in the past couple years.

    Good-bye Mudpuddle.

  6. Mud -

    You are pushing the edge of the envelope. You are way out of your league. Liberals don't understand patriotism and we don't need lectures from you. If you read a little slower some of it might sink in. Think more and type less - you won't regret it and neither will any of us.

  7. Liberals don't understand patriotism and we don't need lectures from you.

    That's pure bullshit and you know it, CS. Apparently you DO need a lecture from me because you are dead wrong with the statement you made above. How dare you 'kidnap' patriotism and hold it as your own! I wonder if you even know what patriotism is. Look it up in the dictionary, CS and let me know what you learn.

    The right-side of the political spectrum ASSumes that it alone holds the standard for all things American- as if it is their own personal possession to play with and to wear on their sleeves. I don't wear my patriotism on my sleeve, but I live it every day of my life. Do you? How does one 'prove' his patriotism? How do you prove your patriotism? Apparently, from your statement, you HAVE it. Tell me then, what is it that you HAVE and that we on the left DON'T HAVE?

    Go ahead, I'd like to read your Proof of Patriotism. I'll check back later today to see what you have and what I lack.

    Go ahead.

  8. Mudpuddle,

    Patriotism isn't in the dictionary. Patriotism is love of country. If you bitched about your wife as much as you bitch about your country, your wife would tell you to pack sand.

    America is the greatest IDEA the mind of man ever came up with. If you find fault with America, you are not a patriot. Obama is not. Michelle is not. Oprah is not. Holder is not. The list goes on and on. Real patriots believe in the God given rights of man, and they take umbrage at anyone trying to deny those rights to others. I ASSume you have not served your country, in uniform or otherwise. I ASSume you sat out Vietnam, smoking dope and attending liberal college courses teaching you and others to hate America, hate "the Man." You disgust me, and it bothers me more than you will ever understand that I defended your right to be such a sorry piece of shit.

    Go away.

  9. Mud,
    You are nothing but a hateful 70 year old troll that hates this country and what it stands for.

    Like 10th said - go away.

  10. Mud,

    You are pathetic. I spent more than 22 years in the uniform of my country and I continue to serve in other ways. I don't have to prove anything to you. Go spew your hate somewhere else. You are blinded by your sick, demented ideology such that you will never recognize the truth.

    I am sorry that I wasted any effort on you - you're not worth it.