Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Change in Tone

When I started blogging four or five years ago I saw it as an outlet for political issues of interest to me.  I got a visit from time-to-time by people who did not share my opinions and that has been fine.  As a conservative I am all about freedom and I decided not to moderate my blog for that reason.  I recently ran across one of the most vicious and unreasonable people that I have encountered on-line.  I don’t have that problem with liberals that I encounter in person – they tend to be infinitely more respectful.  However on-line anonymity gives cowards and scoundrels a screen from justice that translates into offensiveness. 

For liberals who don’t understand polite discourse or even the art of debate:

When someone provides you an opinion supported by facts you aren’t “debating” when you say “You’re stupid.”

When someone presents you with a factual argument you aren’t “debating” when you call them a racist.  The proper response would be to counter – if you can – with facts of your own.  

When someone tries to conclude an argument with supporting facts you aren’t “debating” when you change the subject.  Sometimes you are going to be wrong and it’s cowardice to run away from that fact. 

If you get angry, frustrated, or tied up in knots over dealing with conservatives – maybe it’s you.  After all, polling has uniformly shown for decades now that there are generally twice as many self described conservatives as there are self described liberals.  You would be foolish to not at least consider the possibility that you are wrong. 

I apologize to my regular visitors that it took me this long to recognize the particular psychoses of the liberal alluded to.  However you shouldn’t be burdened with his hate-filled screed anymore.  If necessary, I will go to a moderated blog though I prefer to eject his vitriol in other ways.  

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  1. Well said. I have no faith that the offender in question will go away; he wants to stir the pot until it boils over, then say you are a bad cook.

  2. Amigo,
    Nicely done. As you know I went to a moderated forum only because I refuse to provide a forum for the trolls. They have their own websites for that.

    I post every comment if it is polite and on topic. That is a rare occurance from the trolls. I delete 9 out of 10 since they always rant about something that isn't about the subject at hand or they attack another poster, or both.

    They are for the most part friggin lunatics and cannot comment without personal attacks.

    The screams from the left will get louder and schriller as their utopian dreams get flushed.

    Gunny posted an essay today about the same topic albeit not as polite as yours.