Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let’s Get On to Something Else

A very good thing happened on Sunday night when Navy SEALs entered Osama bin Laden’s house and killed him.  Personally I don’t give a hoot how that happened – I’m just deliriously happy that it did happen.  Now however the press appears to be bent on flailing all the details hoping to spin this into a bad thing.  Can the other news stories be that trivial?   Let’s get on to important stuff.  To set the record straight:

Was bin Laden armed or unarmed?  No one should care but apparently he was.  If the SEALs had captured him Attorney General Eric Holder would have bounced bin Laden around the Un-Justice system until we finally get rid of Eric Holder in January 2013.  Holder isn’t interested in justice – frankly I don’t know what he is interested in.  We’re better off with bin Laden dead. 

Should we release photos of the bastard or not?  I don’t think it serves any purpose.  Besides al Qaeda barbarians will just point to the birth certificate released last week and say “If they can fake that, they can fake anything.”  (For you humorless liberals out there – I’m kidding)  I agree with the President we don’t need it, “spiking” the ball makes it look like you haven’t been to the end zone before, and al Qaeda is already referring to bin Laden as a “martyr.”   That’s good enough for me. 

We apparently gave bin Laden an honorable Muslim burial.  That’s okay with me.  As much as I wanted us to sew him up in a pig carcass I’m glad we didn’t.  Americans don’t dishonor enemy dead – such a thing is punishable by the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  Just because bin Laden and his followers are unspeakable barbarians does not give us carte blanche to do the same to them.  American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines are your friends, neighbors, and relatives – when they come home we don’t want them haunted by such things.  We are the good guys – we have always worn the white hats – don’t let these sorry excuses for human beings change that. 

Was it murder?  Only a lunatic could come to that conclusion.  When a SEAL or any other member of the military comes up against the bad guys I want them to have simple rules of engagement that give them the widest latitude while protecting our guys.  A mentor of mine years ago put it succinctly when he told us “Don’t kill nothing that don’t need killin’.”   Clear enough.  If you are hanging out with a bad guy though, we don’t have to check your stripes – you are fair game too.  Osama bin Laden was an evil, vicious bastard who should have been under “shoot on sight” orders from day one. 

Okay – there you go.  The economy is still in the tank, unemployment is stuck, inflation is burning up our pay checks, our Federal government is completely out of control, and the border still leaks like a sieve.  We have more important things to talk about and do.  

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  1. Amigo,
    Nicely done. Kudos to you.

  2. Good post. I would even say lets get on to killing a few more terrorists. We got him, like we said we would, end of story.

  3. CS- I applaud the 'common sense' that is demonstrated in this post. I, too, cannot understand all of the criticism from both sides of the political spectrum over the death of OBL. Hell, it's done and our 10-year-long nightmare is at an end.

    Like you, I feel that the Congress and President need to get on with the business over here, specifically helping the economy grow, incentives for job-creation, and controlling the spiraling price of gas. These are the current and pressing needs for our nation. The OBL chapter is closed, "now move on, there's nothing to see."

  4. Cats and dogs living together! We all agree on something.

  5. mud,
    "our 10-year-long nightmare is at an end", you're joking right? Only a leftist troll would believe that. We whack OBL and the war on terror is over?

    You stupid ass.

    This is but one page in a long book you fool. The sand-nazis have been at war with us since 1972 and we finally anted up 30 years later.

    No one knows what the outcome is but it is far better to fight them over there than on our turf. That is one concept you leftists don't want to grasp. You think that we can win one inning and we won the whole friggin world series.

    Go away mud. You are bothering us.

  6. Well said, that'll preach.