Monday, May 16, 2011

More Green Nonsense

I opened The Washington Times this morning and the first thing that caught my eye was the headline “Energy: Electric Chargers for Capitol Hill?”  I thought, “I’ll bet that is going to be stupid” and I wasn’t disappointed.  Senator Carl Levin (Idiot – MI) and Representative Dale Kildee (Idiot – MI) have offered a plan to place electric recharging stations for lawmakers and their staffs at the Capitol.  In fairness they called for this to be paid for with user fees – but then the only Federal program that has ever come in under budget in my lifetime has been President Bush’s Prescription Drug Program.

Electric cars are a loser in our lifetime.  There is no way that electric cars will ever be competitive with gasoline and diesel powered vehicles without the benefit of punishing regulation and/or taxes by loony misguided government hacks.  That’s just a simple fact. 

When electric cars are commercially viable in the free market the Federal government won’t have to build recharge stations because the electric car industry will do it themselves.  The government didn’t build gas stations and it doesn’t have to build electric recharging stations.  The Federal government has an exceptionally poor record in picking winners and losers – they should sit this one out.  

The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Don't Want You to Know About--Because They Helped Cause Them 


  1. I have always wanted a tiny, fragile, unsafe electric car, but now that I have four small children, I'm gonna get one. Ain't I a smart one?

  2. Hybrids are in the same category. At 60,000 miles the batteries need replacing. At 80,000 the motor needs an overhaul due to the constant cold starts. The pricetag for both is about $10K which results in the vehicle being worthless at at 50K for resale.

    After 3 years the owner would have wasted $42,000 of the original purchase price of the car with no trade-in value.

    The driving range is reduced by 50% in the batteries due to cold weather.

    Further, how about all those batteries in either vehicle that will hit the wastedumps?

    The question that is never addressed is "where do we get the additional power to charge the electric cars?" The demmerhoids believe that you just plug them into an electrical outlet. Those of us on the right know that a special power station is required at both home and work and that additional power generating plants need to be constructed to support the extra power demands.

    It is impossible to fix stupid.

  3. Just more liberal "bologna" like when Obama used 9000 gallons of fuel to fly someplace to plant a tree on earth day.