Friday, May 27, 2011

Where I am Today - though no one actually asked

If the election was held today this is where I stand on the declared Republican candidates for President of the United States: 

1.        Former Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota.  I like a governor for President.  The jobs are similar enough that experience as a governor is really preparatory for life in the White House.  By all accounts Pawlenty was a good governor.  He’s the only one of the “declared” pack so far that makes sense to me. 
2.       Former CEO Herman Cain – I think that he is quaint.  Leadership by sound bite isn’t going to fix this mess though.  Could be a serious contender with the right team and running mate.  Distant second. 
3.       Former Speaker Newt Gingrich – John Fund said the other day that “Newt started his life out as a college professor and he has never recovered.”  I concur.  More distant third.
Unfortunately that’s the end of the serious candidates.   
4.       Congressman Ron Paul – the Libertarian crap is really wearing thin on me.  I agree with Paul about 50% of the time.  He would make us the laughing stock of the Free World.  I can’t believe that he is wasting our time . . . . . . . again.   
5.       Former Governor Gary Johnson New Mexico – fruitcake.  I can’t imagine that he will survive the primary – but if he does – only the fact that anyone (even a fruitcake) would be better than Barack Obama would make me pull the lever for Johnson. 

Depending on which website you go to there are other “declareds” – none worth mentioning.   I’ll cross the bridge on the others if and when they declare their candidacy. 

My dream ticket (neither of which have declared) – Texas Governor Rick Perry for President with Former UN Ambassador John Bolton as his running mate.  (That would make some dictators sit up and take notice).   

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  1. I'm a big Perry fan. Your dream ticket would definitely make our enemies sit up straight.

  2. Thanks Bill. Kim and I were thinking about asking you what you thought of the candidates. I know it's still early but you have your ear to the political ground and we respect your opinion. I saw Tim Pawlenty interviewed by Shawn Hannity and I was very impressed. I like Newt a lot but Pawlenty seems to have a lot going for him... and he's relatively young.

  3. I haven't heard a lot of Pawlenty's credits. I'm still leaning towards Cain, but if Allen West gets in, all bets are off. He should have been a Marine.