Monday, January 31, 2011

Sarah Palin Drives them Crazy - I like that

I made the mistake of picking up the Washington Post (Pravda on the Potomac) this weekend.  Believing that it would be innocent enough to read the Comics - I was wrong.  There on the front page was “Doonesbury” – a Garry Trudeau hit piece on Sarah Palin.  What is it with these liberal twits?  And why does the Washington Post think that this is appropriate fare for children? 

For liberal knuckleheads everywhere, let’s review the character of the people running in 2008.  Think about it – that election was over in November 2008 and these whack-jobs are still attacking Sarah Palin . . . . but I digress.  Of the four people at the top of the two party tickets (McCain, Palin, Obama, and Biden) in 2008 Sarah Palin:

- Had more executive experience than all the other three combined (she still does),
- Had more business experience than all the other three combined (she still does),
- Was the only one who had a concrete record of accomplishment in elective office (Obama has a record now of utter failure),
- Was the most popular governor in America before the liberal smear machine started working out on her. 

As for intellect:

- Of the four no one would dispute that Biden is the dumbest (even Jill Biden would admit that)
- McCain at best possesses average intellect and has never risen to any great intellectual accomplishment
- Nobel Prize winner and smartest man in the world Barack Obama has walked into every ambush that life has set for him and doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes. 
- While Sarah Palin can get on the evening news any time she wants to and commands the loyalty of millions. 

Can you for the briefest moment see Sarah Palin:

- Promising to eradicate ear marks and then signing a bill with 690 of them in it?
- Signing the job killing "stimulus package?"
- Ignoring jobs for two years while the US is mired in recession? 
- Not vetoing the Healthcare monstrosity?  
- Leaving the free trade agreements with Korea, Panama, and Colombia languishing on the table and diverting her attention to prostrate Russia

The left telegraphs who they fear the most - their biggest nightmare is Sarah Palin.  

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  1. Well said Amigo,

    The best part of Sarah Palin is the she drives the left absolutely friggin bonkers.

  2. Palin has right principles, great leadership skills, and big enough cojones to actually do the job to fix our country. I hope she runs and wins. She has my support.