Friday, January 28, 2011

It’s Getting Scary Out There

President Obama ended his day Friday with rioting in EgyptTunisia is in turmoil and the Yemenis are tired of their government as well.  Lebanon slipped from the “slow burn” category to “on fire.”  Just awhile ago there were rumors that Jordanians were getting fired up.  I’ll bet you he looked at Michelle and said “That damned George Bush!”  And to a degree he would be right. 

President Bush was sure that people should be free and he planted two democracies of sorts right smack dab in the middle of dictatorville.  As messy as it has been Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s neighbors must be saying “How about us?’  Of course now as my wife pointed out we are “lead by Dumb who is backed up by Dumber” a cheeky reference to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. 

Of course one of the problems is that Barack Obama isn’t really about freedom – that isn’t his shtick.  When the Honduran legislature and Supreme Court teamed up to oust a would-be dictator – our President and Secretary of State sided with the dictator.  When the people of Iran rose up in revolt the silence from Washington was deafening.  Now people seeking freedom are looking to Washington again – the Rookie-in-Chief is unlikely to break the right way. 

I’m under no illusion that this would be easy even were a steadier hand at the rudder.  Freedom is fraught with danger.  Given the opportunity to vote the people of Gaza voted in the bad terrorist party instead of the not-as-bad terrorist party.  One has to wonder if Obama would have been more ready to deal with this event were he focused on defending the United States (which he is sworn to do) rather than nationalizing industries and cramming health care down our throats.  It has been a very long time since I started my work day by scanning the day’s intelligence, but I find it hard to believe that someone didn’t know that this was about to happen. 

Let’s just hope that things in Egypt turn out better than they did when Jimmy Carter had to deal with the crisis in Iran.  

Dinesh D'Souza (Author)The Roots of Obama's Rage [Hardcover] 


  1. I am very familiar with the streets of Cairo, so I can tell you that there is no damage being done to the infrastructure. This could easily turn in to a bad situation, and I don't think we have anyone in the decision making seats able to handle what may be about to happen. If we aren't careful, and by that I mean meaner than these nuts, the war on terror may be about to explode into Armageddon.

  2. Iran has it's fingerprints all over Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Yemem. It has just been disclosed by Wikileaks that barry has helped the dissidents in Egypt as well.

    Looks like things will not turn out well over there because we have no leadership worth a damn.

  3. Odd that a revolution in Iran handled by Jimmy Carter turned to our extreme disadvantage, but with Reagan and Bush the Elder in charge revolutions in Poland and East Germany birth friends. I don't expect BHO to do any better than Carter.

  4. I'm starting to think BHO may really be the anti-Christ. If that's so, maybe the whole Mayan calendar thing isn't that out of whack. Isn't the anti-Christ supposed to rule for 3 and a half years before we figure it out?

  5. I was thinking that the Anti-Christ would be more . . . well . . . manly for lack of a better term. You know, some one who could actually throw a baseball and didn't wear "Mom jeans."

  6. Yeah, he ain't no Al Pacino. But Geronimo said not to let the enemy see what they want to see. If its not what they expect, they might never see you at all.

  7. This will not turm out well. The surge of fundemental islam in these countries will guarantee it.

    In the meantime barry will sit on his hands and continue beating-up Israel to placate the muslims.