Sunday, January 16, 2011

Waste in the wake of tragedy

Dear Editor,

The shrill discussion in the wake of the tragedy in Arizona will effectively mask any real effort at identifying the next Jared Loughner.  The left immediately blamed politicians and pundits on the right while the right vigorously counter-punched.  What was lost in the melee was that no one was examining what created a monster like Jared Loughner.  At some point the news cycle will move on to a new emergency or some other tragedy will knock this one off everyone’s radar.  When that happens we will have learned nothing. 

What makes a person like John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman, Seung-Hui Cho, or Jared Loughner kill?  After a full week of non-stop coverage of the Tucson shooting the vitriol has completely shrouded any definition of what created this madman or how to spot the next one. 

We are privileged to live in the freest society in history and I want to remain free.  Indeed I want us all to be freer.  None of the remedies that have been pushed forth by our various “representatives” will make us more free and they won’t stop the next Jared Loughner. 

If you have a Jared Loughner living down the street from you nothing in the discourse over the last seven days has done anything to help identify a course of action for you to take. 

I think that we can reliably take Sarah Palin off the table as a causal factor at this point.  If you can’t admit that – you are now officially part of the problem.  Jared wasn’t an Eagle Scout so the Boy Scouts are off the hook.  Jared’s actions that day violated a couple dozen laws, so more laws aren’t the answer.  What other facts can we discover that will help us prevent such senseless violence? 

That discussion would be of more value at this point. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Pocket Constitution (Text from the U.S. Bicentennial Commission Edition) 

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