Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lower of Volume

Less than two hours after the tragic shooting in Arizona on Saturday liberals all over the country were blaming conservatives and most notably Sarah Palin for the crime.  Supposedly “right-wing” rhetoric aimed at the Democrats who have been merrily destroying our country drove madman Jared Loughner to his shooting spree.  This was replaced by calls to “lower the volume” or “reflect” on the language used as it became more and more apparent that poor Jared was more a useful idiot spawned by the prevailing liberal culture and not driven by right-wing radio.  A registered independent, Jared wasn’t even political enough to have bothered to vote in the last election. 

I do think we should examine this incident and delve into the causes of Loughner’s problems.  I think we should consider that we haven’t had any fans of the Bible or Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” shoot anyone lately.  Why is it that 4-H club hasn’t produced any mass murderers?  When was the last time that Christian music propelled a listener to violence the way Rap, Punk, or Heavy Metal has?  John Wayne blew away half the people who appeared in the credits during “True Grit” yet it hasn’t motivated anyone to violence the way “Donnie Darko” and “The Matrix” seem to have. 

If we were going to thoroughly evaluate this incident we should check to see whether Loughner was a victim of the Public School System or whether he was home schooled.  Did he go to private school?  A Catholic School?  Did Loughner go to church on Sunday or did he spend his weekends on Facebook?  Did Loughner believe in God? 

Yes, we should dig into Loughber’s motivations – but while we are doing that let’s keep up the pressure on the people most responsible for ruining our country – Democrats.  

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  1. The Dims are unraveling. This is the only issue that they can grasp at and it is backfiring. Americans are buying into their false narrative.

    My friend Gunny says "the left will unravel as fast as shitpaper in a tornado when they find out that their dreams are getting dumped".