Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Intellectual Malpractice

Since the Arizona shooting I have been scrimmaging with the local liberals at the website of our local paper the News & Messenger.  The venom and vitriol that the left can generate never ceases to amaze me.  However the failure to confront the realities of the Tucson mass murder virtually guarantee that whatever response occurs (if indeed there is one) it will have no effect on the environment that coddled and protected Jared Loughner until he was ready to commit murder on a grand scale.  The resistance to seeing the truth on the left amounts to nothing less than Intellectual Malpractice.  

In one post I pointed out that Loughner admired Mein Kampf a book written by virulent Anti-Semite and socialist Adolf Hitler.  I was called stupid because Hitler was a “fascist” not a “socialist.”  Actually he was both – the two positions are mutually supportive not mutually exclusive.  If you are a Democrat (liberal, progressive, whatever) and you don’t like the label “socialist” then you should take a little “me time” and figure out why.  Are socialists bad people?  Generally yes they are.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be one nor would I want to be confused for one. 

The ravings of a nationalist socialist (the origin of the term “Nazi”) who hated Jews and tried to eradicate them from the Earth are encompassed in the book Mein Kampf.  Said book is listed as one of the favorite books of a guy who targeted a Jewish Congresswoman for murder.  If you were a detective (other than Sherriff Dupnik) and you didn’t at least bring that up as a possible contributing factor – wouldn’t your superior question you on that?      

Surely had Loughner listed the Bible or “Conscience of a Conservative” as favorite books liberals would have made the connection to Christians and/or Conservatives – but they weren’t on Loughner’s list.  Had he belonged to a local church or the College Republicans it would be irresponsible for an investigator to not swing by and check it out.

Another one of Loughner’s favorite books was the “Communist Manifesto.”  Communism has inspired murder, mayhem, and cruelty to a truly historic degree.  The number one and number two mass murderers are both Communists – Mao and Stalin.  Number three is socialist Adolf Hitler.  You have to get all the way to #14 (Genghis Khan by one list) before you run out of socialists or communists.  Given the extraordinary violence committed by communists/socialists wouldn’t a competent and thorough investigator at least evaluate that connection? 

There is no doubt that Loughner is a lunatic.  He may be clinically insane.  However he was motivated to violence by something.  To think that the mere possession of a hand gun or an oversized magazine pushed Loughner over the edge is patently absurd.  Those tools had no more to do with his motivation than did the movie camera that he used to record his rambling madness.    As long as we allow liberals to steer us away from Loughner’s real motivations we won’t get anywhere.  

Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning 

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  1. Fellow Viking,

    Nice essay and definitely a thought provoking take on a possible motive. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit into the left’s desired narrative.

    The left is too bent with insanity to recognize truth.