Friday, January 21, 2011

Ricky Gervais for Mayor of Hollywood

Like columnist Michael Taube I never watch entertainment awards shows.  The constant parade of the self-absorbed garnering awards for performances in plays, TV shows, and movies that no one has seen is ridiculous.  The cynic in me genuinely believes that these shows are only done to boost the ratings of shows that no one is watching or breathe new life into a film that no one went to see.  Box office receipts are the only fair gauge of the quality of a movie or Broadway show while Nielsen ratings do the same for television.  What the elites of the entertainment industry think about each other is of no consequence for the rest of us. 

With that said, after reading Michael Taube’s Ricky Gervais: American Hero this is one time I wish I had watched an award show. 

Ricky may very well have brought down the wrath of the elite and he may find out what the true meaning of the phrase “McCarthyism” is – but I applaud his valor.  Here is his performance distilled down to the memorable bits:

I don’t get the last part “Thank you God for making me an atheist.”  No doubt Ricky will fit in well on Rodeo Drive with all the other Atheists, Drug Addicts, and Social Misfits.  

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