Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama’s Reverse Midas Touch

It doesn’t appear that President Obama is any better at picking football games than he is at picking gubernatorial candidates, senate candidates, or Olympic sites. 

Green Bay 21, Bears 14

While I am sympathetic to all the Bears fans, I am at least pleased that if I choose to watch the Super Bowl this year I won’t have to worry about seeing Obama’s mug throughout.  But then again it might be fun to have another Obama moment.  After professing that he was a White Sox baseball fan, Obama was asked to name his favorite player.  Obama responded as if his teleprompter had been unexpectedly turned off. 

How embarrassing is this going to get before January 2013? 

Culture of Corruption

1 comment:

  1. Amigo,

    You're funny. I expect that we will get embarassed regularly as we have for these last 24 months. Barry is the give that just keeps on giving.

    Instead of attempting to pick winners at sporting events, I'd like him to start wearing a friggin tie for a change, and i'd like him to find his long form birth certificate.

    I've got my Obama Bullshit Bingo Card at the ready for tonight's propaganda hour.