Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why Can’t It Happen Here?

I think that being Americans and being citizens of the greatest society that was ever created – we are handicapped when fighting the left.  I truly believe that people look at the catastrophes of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Greece, and Communist China and they assume that it can’t happen here.  Why not? 

We have been endlessly pummeled about Health Care and I have been in discussion, after discussion on the issue and people say “How can they possibly do this?”  The answer that I keep coming up with is – “Because they are going to make it happen here.” 

“They” in this case are the same people that have done this to countries from Argentina to Zambia – they are power-hungry socialists.  “They” are trying to lock us into a system that favors leftists.  Even if they suffer set backs in the short term, they will ultimately win.  People tell me that they think Nancy Pelosi is crazy to push her party off the cliff – I think they are right – but not in the way they think.  What lunatic would have thought that we would have ever had another Democrat in the White House after Jimmy Carter? or Bill Clinton?  What lunatic would have ever thought that we would ever allow Democrats back into power after the excesses of Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Truman, and Johnson?   But we did.  The seeds of many of our current disasters were sown by those people yet who could visualize an America today without Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Welfare, Unemployment Insurance, and Home Mortgage assistance from Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac?  It has become part of the fabric of the Nation and we can’t ever undo all of that.  Hell – there would be riots in the streets if we tried - just like in Greece

I am convinced that Nancy Pelosi is sure if she passes this Health Care atrocity even if they pay the price in November, eventually socialized medicine will become part of the fabric of the Nation just as it has in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Sweden, Greece, etc. etc. etc. In socialist countries people hate their health care, but can’t imagine life without it.  In those countries everyone is mired at a common level of misery except for those that can afford to get treated here – but that won’t be available if Obama, Harry, Nancy and their merry band of socialists are successful. 

The point is that not only can it happen here – it has already happened here incrementally.  Democrats are on a winning streak that started when they overruled the Supreme Court with the Sixteenth Constitutional Amendment in 1913 that allowed an income tax to start funding all this foolishness.  The only way that we can reverse this is to starve the beast of money.  Fight any and all tax increases and roll back government.  Support candidates who are for American freedom from government with you time, effort, and money. 

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