Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

A good friend with a sharp eye found this story about the new craze in purchasing reusable shopping bags, see. Reusable Shopping Bag Dangers

Go figure – yet another Left Wing fruity Environmental Nazis plan run aground. Remember we stopped using paper bags because we had to cut down trees to make them? We replaced them with plastic bags made of petroleum that we had to buy from someone else because the environmental Nazis won’t let us drill here. Then we found out that the plastic bags were not environmentally friendly. So now we create a new industry making bags that we can use over and over again until we get sick.

Personally – I miss paper bags. They sat up better in the car, you could put more stuff in them, and they fit perfectly in the recycle bin. I like the plastic bags too. My wife has one of those fabric cocoons hanging on the door in the mud-room that you put used plastic shopping bags in. If you ever need a plastic bag again – you have a tube full of them that falls off the door when you try to get one back out. They are useful for lining small wastebaskets and carrying wet waste so I like them. However I won’t buy those damn reusable bags. Every time I ended up with one it is always someplace other than where I need it. I also don’t want someone to think that I am some soft-headed watermelon (you remember “green on the outside and red on the inside”) if I were to be seen with an armload of them going into Shopper’s Food Warehouse. So if anyone wants to tempt fate with reusable shopping bags, I have one that you can have. A lady at the mall gave it to me – the tag says that it is “Made in China” – I hate watermelons.

After all these years what do you think the very best way to carry your groceries home is? You got it. Brown Paper Bags.

Liberal Watermelons should learn from this and all the other catastrophes that they cause. Remember all the hysteria they caused about bad drinking water? We have the finest drinking water in the world though I admit there are local anomalies from time-to-time. But what happened? The only bottled water that I can remember as a kid was distilled water that my mother bought to put in the steam iron. But Liberal hysteria exploded into an entirely new industry that took (in most cases) tap water and packaged it in pretty plastic bottles. They have catchy names like Dasani, Aquafina, Highland Spring, Sierra Spring, Evian (I won’t buy that one because it sounds French), and Fiji. What did that watermelon hoax cause? City and county tax revenues are down as millions of gallons of water are drunk from bottles shipped in from some other locality while the bottle along with other extraneous packaging ends up in the local dump. That doesn’t even include the explosion in water purification filters that are probably unnecessary in most places as well. I have one on the refrigerator that I have to try and remember when I changed last. The new one costs me $30 a pop. Now watermelons everywhere are trying to get us to buy reusable metal or plastic containers to fill with – you got it – tap water.

After all these years what do you think that the very best source of water is? Your kitchen tap.

Hey Watermelons – do you want to fix anything else for us? What is the next emergency?

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The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Don't Want You to Know About--Because They Helped Cause Them


  1. In Washington D.C. when you turn on the tap and the water came out brown (mostly from rust) you were glad they started selling bottled water. It meant that you did not have to boil and screen your water (filters were not available in the city). That went on for years with the city saying that nothing was wrong with the water. Finally they said "let the water run for a few minutes before drinking" which did nothing but increase your water bill (aftr all you did have to pay the city for water). That was not hype. There was a need.

    Today I can purchase water on my way anywhere and have it with me in my vehicle, hiking, horseback or no matter where I go. America has become a more mobile since I was growing up and there is a need for bottled water.

    The real hype comes from the people crying about what to do with the containers. "It will be in a landfill for ever." So what?? I do not know of many people going around digging up landfills to see what they can find. If it is that stable then leave it there. It will make a good foundation for a shopping mall one day. Look at the source of the ads that are running for getting rid of the bottles(it is from the water filter manufacturers). If you really wanted to get rid of plastic you would just leave it out in the sun. The UV rays would destroy it in short order.

    As far as the shopping bags are concerned bring back the brown bags!!! I used the for a lot of things after we got them home (try making a book cover out of a plastic bag). The bottom of a bird cage is a great place for a paper bag. Starting fires in the fireplace was another place not to mention using them for trash bags.

    What do I know. I am just a southern Liberal.

  2. Common Sense: Nice column. I couldn't agree more. The best source for water is indeed the tap.

    FAMICK: I doubt that you are REALLY a Southern Liberal since you make too much sense. I also feel sorry for you that you grew up in DC with all that rusty water.

  3. FAMICK – Thank you for your visit and your comment. My first real job was filling big brown sacks with groceries at a local Lucky store – I like paper bags as well. I wouldn’t wish growing up in Washington, DC on anyone – please understand - I do not advocate the absence of bottled water, rather I point out the absurdity of the rush to bottled water in a land where the supply through the tap is safe everywhere Democrats aren’t running the local government. When we lived in Seoul, Korea a washcloth left under a dripping faucet turned entirely brown – I was happy for the availability of bottled water there – believe me. My wife got deathly ill from drinking water from a pitcher at a dinner event at the Sheraton in downtown Seoul. I didn’t get sick as I was drinking beer (better for you than water).

    Yes bottled water is convenient and particularly important since the watermelons have scared everyone away from using the ubiquitous water fountains that no doubt cost billions by now to install – but no one uses. I’m sure that if you looked, you would find a government regulation that requires you to install a water fountain that no one is going to drink out of. The extreme waste of money, time, and resources that was kicked off by watermelons screaming about water quality in a land where the water is safe is criminal.

    The point is that there is nothing that a watermelon can’t screw up and they never fail to disappoint.

    Thank you for your visits as well Proud American Patriot