Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Know Your Enemy

Dear Glen Beck,

I watched your show on Tuesday (3/2/10) with great interest.  Americans who were brought up in the public school system have no idea how very close we came to destroying our nation in the 1930s through the late-1940s.  We have vilified the man most responsible for turning things around at the time – Senator Joseph McCarthy – that is truly sad.  I recommend that you read the excellent book: “Blacklisted by History; The Untold Story of Senator Joseph McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies” by M. Stanton Evans – it is superb.  It will also give you a window into the politics exercised by Democrats today.   

I do have to reel you in a bit on your characterization of Democrats and Republicans being equally responsible for the debacle.  I support Ann Coulter’s assertion that while there is such a thing as a bad Republican, there are no good Democrats.  While Republicans have been misguided in passing legislation that has contributed to our slide into socialism it has always been the Democrats who have worked overtime to move us inexorably to the left.  Therefore there is no moral equivalent between a misguided Republican like John McCain and a committed Democrat like Harry Reid.  One is foolish while the other is evil. 

Now as we struggle to prevent the unholy axis of Obama-Pelosi-Reid from flushing all our freedoms down the drain – you seem to need somehow to spread the blame around when the enemy is clearly identifiable.  All of the protagonists in this theatre of the absurd have one thing in common – they are members of the Democrat Party.  The only exception is Senator Bernie Sanders who might be the only honest Democrat because he accurately identifies himself as a socialist. 

It becomes even more absurd when people like Bill O’Reilly have far too much trouble associating these people with the political ideology that they most resemble – anyone who doubts that these people are socialist ideologues are  either ignorant, cowardly, or liars.  

You are trying far too hard to seem even handed at a time when nearly all the good guys are members of the Republican Party and all of the bad guys are members of the Democrat Party and Caucus. 

Sincerely Yours,

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