Sunday, March 7, 2010

Political Correctness Just Might Kill You

As reported in The Washington Times, 18 United State Senators including the ever Socialist Bernie Sanders and the ever ridiculous John Kerry are lobbying to remove the life-long ban on homosexual males giving blood.  Why you might ask?  Because it’s “discrimination.” See “Senators ask FDA to lift gay blood donor ban.” 
The useful idiots proposing this are listed in this article from The Hill: Senators: Lift ban on gay blood donors
Reminder to all homosexual men – Help is defined by the recipient.  Please don’t help me. 
The great apocalypse of HIV AIDS didn’t happen for two main reasons: (1)The behavior that leads to HIV AIDS transmission is unique to male homosexual practices, and (2) The FDA wisely restricted male homosexuals from giving blood.  Now because it makes male homosexuals feel bad, some elected morons want people who need blood transfusions to play a deadly game of good-blood, bad-blood Lotto.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place without Senator John Kerry (MA-D)?  Maybe he could be a blood quality tester? 
They also don’t want your blood if you have had Hepatitis B or C – should we drop that ban if it makes those people feel bad?  Didn’t I see in an ad that you can’t give blood if you take Avodart?  Is that fair?   What do you think it does to the self-esteem of those guys who already have male plumbing trouble to now restrict them from giving blood? 
For those who would say that there is no difference between political parties or that the two major parties are morally equivalent – please note that the name of every supporter is followed by a “D” except for the only honest Democrat Bernie Sanders who actually admits to being a socialist but packages himself as an “Independent.”  
Conservative Resistance – Day 488
Days until you can vote against your least favorite socialist out – 240


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