Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fair and Balanced?

I have caught a number of segments on Fox News lately where Bob Beckel was playing the part of the Liberal.  They have had him matched up against Kate Obenshain a former Chairman of the Republican Party and later conservative syndicated columnist Cal Thomas.  The inescapable conclusion is that Beckel is a boor with more in common with a pit bull than anything else.  I wish they would pit Beckel against Ann Coulter, she would rip him a new one. 
I do have some modicum of respect for some of the Liberals – most prominently Kirsten Powers who will actually speak her mind rather than spew the socialist propaganda that Beckel churns out as if he was mainlining Barack Obama’s teleprompter.  Beckel is your typical vicious and condescending Liberal who thinks that everyone who disagrees with him is a moron.  I think that the only people who Fox should pit against Beckel are Ann Coulter or Dick Cheney.  Coulter would surely verbally bitch slap Beckel while Cheney would freeze the blood in his veins.      
 There is absolutely no reason to be polite to people like Beckel and surely people like Obenshain or Thomas are way out of his league.   I guess the only good thing about Beckel is that he is more interesting than that dopey Alan Colmes. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 483

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