Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rove vs. Rhambo

I often can’t believe the irony that is life in and around Washington DC.  Just as his book hits the stores and Karl Rove is making the talk circuit, the light shines brightly on Obama enforcer Rahm Emanuel. 
For all my friends who think that Democrats are just Republicans with a slightly different view of life – compare and contrast those two.   Rove was the target of vicious attacks from the left that haven’t ceased even long after he has left public service.  Investigated and harassed incessantly – it turns out that his only “crime” was that he was spectacularly successful in beating the opposition.   In person Rove is polite, soft spoken, and engaging.   His power to persuade comes from his intellect.
Now look at the vain, coarse, and arrogant Rahm Emanuel.  He is constantly in the news for strong-arming his allies and the ferocity directed at his enemies.  He gives new depth to the term “slimy politician.”  The tapes of the profanity laced tirade on the phone to then-Governor and all-time scumbag Rod Blagojevich would make a Marine Gunnery Sergeant blush.  His power to persuade is crude, blunt, after recent revelations one might say naked force.  Rahm should be vilified by the mainstream media – but he isn’t. 
While you might not agree with him, Karl Rove would be a polite and charming dinner guest in your home.  Anyone with any sense would shoot to kill if Rahm Emanuel ever set foot on their front porch. 
You might say that a more accurate comparison would be between Tom Delay and Rahm Emanuel and I could accept that – Delay is tough and aggressive but nothing like the brutal Rahmbo.  Advantage still goes to the Republican.    
There is a difference beyond the talking points between the parties that is found in the moral fabric that the talking points spring from. I picked up Rove's book yesterday and I'm going to read it. 
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