Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reverse Lobbying

A by-product of expressing my opinion to the White House is that I am now on their e-mailing list.  To judge from what they are sending me, they aren’t reading my letters.  A host of recent e-mails are coming from Nancy-Ann DeParle, Director, White House Office of Health Reform.  She is the “Health Czar.”  She is a lawyer – go figure. 
One of the e-mails claims that 625 people lost their health insurance every hour in 2009 (5,475,000!), and then another pointed out that 8 people were denied health care every minute (4,204,800!). I don’t think I believe that.   Another told me that the average monthly health insurance premium for a family is $1,115.  Another e-mail told me how neat it was that the President was actually going to talk with Republicans about health care and yet another told me about what a train wreck health care in the United States is – hell we are becoming regular pen pals.  And if that wasn’t enough, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius even weighed in with a missive about how we have to do something now! 
Should our government be able to lobby citizens incessantly to try to change our minds on unpopular measures?  Is this information?  Or is it propaganda?  SPAM maybe?  Since most of it is patently false, what are the moral implications of having our government lie to us day after day? 
I don’t know – but I don’t like it.  We have President Obama giving speech after speech on the topic, making demands, and setting deadlines – yet he can’t get the overwhelming majorities that he has in Congress to pass this horrendous affront to our freedom.   That brings up another question.  Who is picking up the tab to fly him all over the place to talk to handpicked audiences? 
All this must cost a ton of money.  I wonder what Comrade DeParle spends to pump out all that drivel about health care. 
I wrote President Bush to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens and the Troubled Asset Relief Fiasco.  I don’t remember Karl Rove sending me any e-mails to set me straight.  I think that is because President Bush believed that I had a right to have a different opinion than he did – I’m pretty sure President Obama doesn’t share that view. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 492
Days until we throw out the propagandists - 236

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