Monday, February 15, 2010

Why send Joe?

Why does anyone give credence to what the buffoon-in-residence at Number One Observatory Circle has to say about anything? Joe Biden can’t be relied upon to remember the truth about his opposition to success in Iraq and Obama trots him out against Dick Cheney? I pick Cheney with a TKO in the first round.

Biden performs the famous “I know you are but what am I?” trick that liberals are so found of. After rooting against his own country for decades, Biden accuses Cheney of manufacturing his own facts. You have to give old Joe points for chutzpah for claiming that the Obama administration was prosecuting the War on Terror with more vigor than ever before. Really?

At his lowest point to date, why roll out Vice President Joe Biden into the light? What could you possibly hope to gain? I think that Obama learned some valuable things from watching (and attacking) the Bush administration:

1. Punch back – Gentleman George Bush refused to sink to the level of his critics and wallow in the mud with charge and counter-charge. As a result the left wing media and the Democrats were able to paint George W. Bush as ignorant and untrustworthy. Dick Cheney is going to be on the Sunday shows – answer: Defrost Joe Biden.
2. Speed is the key – don’t wait to find out what the facts might be, step up and control the message. People won’t remember what you said later so you can always change your story as the truth emerges. You can never be caught without a confident and articulate response. Joe doesn’t need research or facts to spin a tale.
3. Deny weakness or mistakes – No matter how obvious or public your weakness or your mistake is, deny it. Don’t allow anyone to catch you admitting that you might not be perfect. You will never hear Joe admit to a mistake – he has a perfect record – by his scoring system.
4. Don’t be bounded by the truth – This is the most important reason why Obama rolled Joe Biden out into the Sunday scrum – Joe wouldn’t recognize the truth if it ran over him.

I am certainly going to be happy when Joe Biden returns to Delaware in 2012 and doesn’t come back.

Conservative Resistance – Day 468
Days until Joe Biden becomes even more irrelevant – 260

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