Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Good News on Consumer Confidence

NEWS FLASH: Experts were caught once again with their trousers around their collective ankles as Consumer Confidence Declined Sharply and it was . . . . unexpected . . . . according to reports on a variety of news outlets. I am seriously contemplating throwing my hat in the ring to become an “expert.”

I admit that we are in uncharted waters here in America. I mean who would have thought that the gleaming beacon of Freedom would be on a rocket ship to socialism after such a promising start in 1776?

After a year of having President Obama and his merry band of Chicago misfits blow happy smoke up our fourth point of contact – America must be waking up to the fact that the man billed as the Messiah might very well be his opposite number. Maybe that contributed to a decline in consumer confidence?  To the “it can’t happen here” crowd – keep sitting on the sidelines watching us descend into a morass of debt, corruption, and slavery. Of course all of the “experts” probably don’t expect that either.

This is a pretty bad year for experts though – I wonder what is next for washed up climate scientists who have been doing this phony “global warming” shtick for a decade?

Has anyone spotted a copy of that book by liberal James Carville: “40 More Years: How Democrats will Rule the Next Generation?” (Amazon.com Sales rank #144,534) There is another expert who is going to get a pretty substantial surprise this coming November.

If anyone who has an opening for an “expert” is reading this, I’m available and I’m not surprised.  Your next headline could be "Expert Nailed It" - or you can continue to express surprise.  

Conservative Resistance – Day 476
Days until the “experts” are really, really surprised - 252

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