Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So Long Murtha, No Tears From Here

A good friend of mine called me when the news broke – Congressman John Murtha was dead. Like many of the evil men who have died recently (Dr. George Tiller and Senator Teddy Kennedy) neither of us wished Murtha dead, but like the others we will shed no tears that Murtha is finally gone. I wrote Congressman Murtha a letter quite some time ago. I was appalled then and remain appalled at his traitorous statements and actions he had made as a United States Congressman. I pointed out that he fit the exact definition of a traitor from the Constitution. He did not respond.

Once while in uniform I had been sent to Capitol Hill to brief a “friend of the Marine Corps.” I drove to Headquarters Marine Corps where I hopped into a Marine Corps vehicle with a senior officer (I suspect he was there to say “What this young lieutenant colonel meant to say was . . . “ but it turned out that was unnecessary. We were seeking the support of this “friend” whose politics wouldn’t normally place him in the “friend” (i.e. Republican) camp. I had a brief with me and in the car on the way over I found out that we were going to see Congressman Murtha of Pennsylvania. I hadn’t heard of Murtha as this was long before he became mired in graft, kick-backs, and treason. I was a simple Marine on a mission.

I honestly don’t remember much about the meeting other than the fact that Congressman Murtha wasn’t really that interested in a program of critical importance to the Marine Corps. Instead of absorbing the critical nature of this program, Murtha kept trying to maneuver me into a conclusion that had nothing to do with the program of record. I was naive and completely unprepared for the politically charged atmosphere that Murtha kept trying to drag me into. No doubt there was either money or patronage tied to his maneuvering. I never found out whether Murtha supported us or not but I did get a glimpse of Democrat pay to play politics and I was repulsed.

I’m glad you are gone John Murtha and I hope that Bill Russell an eminently more honorable man than you now has the inside track for that seat. You brought great shame to that seat and Russell is just the man to restore the reputation and luster to 12th Pennsylvania district.

Conservative Resistance – Day 462
Days until Bill Russell’s victory - 266

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  1. Amigo, I will be sure to set out a "tear bucket" for him. I will place it next to the one I put out for Ted Kennedy. The USA is a better place without the likes of these clowns. I wonder if our Maker has anymore in mind?