Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to achieve a recidivism rate of zero

There are probably a large number of things to learn from watching Terrorism Czar John Brennan. The first thing is no doubt that when you have so many damn czars you are bound to have a few bad ones – and John Brennan is probably an example. Given that John Brennan is not elected or vetted by anyone we don’t even know how to get rid of him unless the Obama administration can be shamed into firing him.

The most outrageous thing that John Brennan has said since accusing patriotic American Senators of serving the goals of al-Qaeda is of course his opinions comparing the recidivism rate of common criminals with that of terrorists. Brennan is a career CIA officer but that doesn’t appear to have prepared him for a position in the public eye. It further hasn’t prepared him to address the two very simple solutions that drive the recidivism rate of terrorists to zero.

Solution number one – the preferred solution that guarantees that a terrorist will not return to the terror path is to kill him (or her). The new bands that restrict out military and other government agencies from killing terrorists are among the most serious mistakes of the Obama administration. Brennan should be moving directly to remove these. Return to the relatively unfettered days of World War II – the American fighting man was not unnecessarily encumbered with stupid rules nor were the Office of Strategic Services (Forerunner of the CIA). Some of our Nation’s greatest friends today were our sworn enemies of that day – killing several hundred thousand Germans, Italians, and Japanese didn’t seem to prevent their decedents from seeing the value of our friendship.

Solution number two – while the residents of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility are causing their long suffering American guards much undue misery; they have no chance of returning to a life of murder and mayhem unless Barack Obama lets them go. Indeed, according to the relevant international laws treating the various barbarians that our Nation currently holds as prisoners of war is a higher level of treatment than they would otherwise deserve. There certainly is no law international or otherwise that would require that we let these vicious troglodytes go free. Chance of recidivism – zero.

Brennan – you pick: Option one or option two equals zero percent recidivism. Of course that’s the way George Bush and Dick Cheney designed it to be.

Conservative Resistance – Day 469
Days until we throw the bums out - 259

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