Saturday, February 13, 2010


Is anyone else getting tired of hearing the word “unexpected” all the time? I am. Housing defaults – unexpectedly high . . . . Unemployment – doesn’t turn around as expected . . . . Retail Sales – unexpectedly low . . . .

Unexpected to whom exactly? Though when the current administration began all this record spending, President Obama says he couldn’t find an economist who disagreed with him – I sure heard a number of them. But against conventional wisdom, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid sucked the life out of the economy. Don’t let anyone tell you that they can’t figure out why there aren’t more jobs, more loans, and less debt. This is exactly what the Congressional Budget Office said would happen. In fact they said before Obama signed it that the Stimulus Bill would be worse than doing nothing at all. Duh . . . .

Conservative Resistance Day – 466
Days until we complicate Obama’s life - 262

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  1. Americans that voted for "Hope & Change" got us nothing but a "Dope".

    Conservatives warned about this empty suit but were vilified for our opposition. Who's laughing now? If it weren't so serious it would be a joke.