Thursday, February 4, 2010

Keep Moving to the Right Jim Webb

The Honorable James Webb,

I have been a critic of your time in the Senate for a very long time. However I am very pleased at some of the recent moves that you have made in a very public way. In particular I am referring to:

- Calling on Leader Harry Reid to await Senator-elect Scott Brown before looking at anymore health care legislation. Good move. The American people are overwhelming against this horrible legislation.

- Pushing for oil exploration off the coast of Virginia. All this talk of “Green” energy and “Green” jobs is absurd. The quickest way out of our current energy problems is to exploit our own resources – prices for oil will crater the minute we start drilling.

Government is not the solution to our problems. You should spend all of your time unwinding government from our daily lives. If there are “green” solutions, business will find them – we don’t want to pay for them with tax dollars. If government was not so deeply involved with health care, it would be more accessible and infinitely cheaper. Simplify our lives and reduce the size and scope of government. We can handle things in Virginia if the Federal government stopped taking so much of the wealth and productivity of Virginians to waste it on government programs. Free us.

Having served in the Marine Corps and having heard you speak a number of times, I haven’t been able to understand how you could run with the likes of Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer – it makes no sense to me. This new tack to the right is exactly what Virginians want from you. If you side more with Senator John Cornyn and less with Senator Arlen Specter Virginians are going to be a good deal happier with your performance.

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  1. Nice post. My sentiments exactly. I hope his change of attitude is due to his conscience and not his re-election prospects in 4 years. If he keeps this up maybe he'll change parties again.