Friday, January 22, 2010

What a Week!

Pat yourself on the back America – we had a great week. Who would have ever thought that we would appreciate Massachusetts again? But Tuesday’s overwhelming victory by now Senator-elect Scott Brown was an enormous boost. Check out this story from the Boston Globe – “Democrats hear an overdue message.”

Watching Nancy Pelosi choke out that there weren’t enough votes in Congress to pass the health care debacle was splendid.

Then Thursday the Supreme Court struck a blow for the First Amendment by rolling back part of the McCain-Feingold affront to the Constitution. See “Supreme Court Upholds the First Amendment” at

But the week wasn’t over – in all the jubilation Air America folded up the communist flag and went off the air as well. I only stumbled across their hate-filled screed once, but apparently no one else was listening to their crap either.

Let us keep up the intensity through November – can you even imagine how good it will feel to see Harry Reid go down to defeat? And watch a new Republican Speaker of the House sitting over Obama’s left shoulder at the State of the Union in 2011? Stay the course – keep fighting.

Conservative Resistance – Day 444
Days to the November election - 284

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  1. Yes it was a wonderful week...about time too. We need to keep the pressure on and not get complacent.

    I doubt that the left will smarten up and change their focus as they are damned and determined to stay the course even if it takes them into the rocks as demonstrated by madam Pelosit the day after Brown's victory claiming that the House will approve ObamaCare and then the next day recinding the proclamation saying they don't have enough votes.

    The Left is stuck on stupid... but that is just fine.