Thursday, January 14, 2010


Harry Reed would no doubt consider me a dark-skinned Swedish-American with no lingering Swedish dialect. However I don’t get it that my President couldn’t be bothered about the panty-bomber for three days, but he blasts onto television to pledge our unwavering support to Haiti hours after an earthquake levels that island catastrophe.

I suspect that it is President Obama’s third-world mentality that makes him leap to the assistance of Haitians while largely ignoring the safety and protection of the citizens of this nation. Though we have poured billions of dollars into Haiti, shed blood in its defense, and provided a refuge for the Haitian Diaspora, I’m sure that Obama doesn’t feel that we have done enough.

I’m not suggesting that we should ignore the suffering the Haitian people, rather I think that we should provide a measured response. There are only 10 million people in Haiti – considerably less than that now. We shouldn’t pour all the available treasure of the United States into this island nation that has effectively resisted all our best efforts to raise them out of poverty, corruption, and dictatorship. Besides, Detroit under democratic leadership is in worse shape than most Haitian communities.

We see our Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense altering their established schedules to address this natural disaster – why? I suspect that the response of the entire Obama administration is more designed around the prospect of finally getting a good headline rather than any real need to move heaven and earth to help this tiny island nation. It fits right into the typical liberal recipe for feel-good; give someone they pity your money.

What I found most absurd is the vision of the President of the United States on the telephone with the leaders of other nations to “coordinate” the international response. Think about it. You are Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the phone rings – it’s Barack Obama.

Harper: “Hey Barack, wasssssss-up?”

Obama: “Steve, I’ve just about bankrupted America and now we have this catastrophe in Haiti. Can I count on you guys for some help?”

Harper: “Haiti? Wow – I had no idea. Sure Barack, happy to help. I’ll see what we can do. I guess we owe you since you have taken over down there the value of the Looney has exploded over the dollar.”

Obama: “No problem bro, I’m putting the socialist mojo on these folks. We’ll join you soon under the flag of good ole Karl Marx.”

Harper: “Hold it Barack, where the hell am I going to go to get healthy if I get sick?”

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