Friday, January 29, 2010

The State of the Union Fantasy

I have watched many of President Obama’s speeches with wonder, but I have never had a response to one of his speeches as I did to his State of the Union. One has to begin to believe that Obama’s handlers aren’t letting him read a newspaper or watch the news beyond MSNBC. I really was stunned.

I actually expected better. I thought that he might have admitted a mistake or two and extended an olive branch – he did exactly the opposite. He is planning; indeed he is eager to double down on disaster. While some are reeling at the “unexpected” bad news – this is exactly what the Congressional Budget Office said would happen if the Porkulus (aka Stimulus) package was passed. CBO predicted that it would be worse for the economy and the recovery than doing nothing at all. This is a consequence that the Porkulus bill shares with nearly all Democrat solutions. Yet the President states unabashedly that “all economists” agree. That is patently false – it is a bald faced lie – and he knows it. That was his lead-in and it got worse.

Purely by accident I caught the tail end of a special about Saddam Hussein on The History Channel yesterday. In the closing hours of Hussein’s life he was still convinced that he could talk his way out of a death sentence and back to being in charge of Iraq. That recalls stories of Adolf Hitler in his bunker ordering around non-existent divisions as the Soviet Army was attacking into the suburbs of Berlin in World War II. That was the vision I was getting of President Obama’s particular brand of insanity.

Heaven help us. I notice from my mail and e-mail that the political season leading up to the November election has begun. It is time to pull ourselves out of this nightmare. It means walking neighborhoods, working phone-banks, and sending money to the right candidates. The other side is going to franticly try and hold onto power – time to show them the door.

Conservative Resistance – Day 451
Day until the November Election - 277

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  1. Einstein said "that stupidy is defined by doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". This is how i see the Liberals/Progressives/Populists or whatever they label themselves at the moment.

    Evidently our prez can't or won't figure that one out either since it would be admitting a mistake.