Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The most dangerous man in America

I spent a day of football recently with one of the most dangerous men in America. I never felt in physical peril, but when I realized that this guy voted – I was terrified. Like many who find it in vogue today he declared that he was an independent and voted for the best qualified person each election. His position was that Democrats and Republicans were morally equal – of course nothing could be further from the truth. He had stepped on every ideological landmine left for him by the liar party. I can’t take it anymore – people like this must be confronted.

I don’t know how we launched from college football into politics, but I think it was when he said that there were no differences between Republicans and Democrats – I can’t leave that one on the table any more. He asked me what the difference was and I told him it was their value systems. “Like what?” he challenged. The first thing that came to mind was abortion. He countered with “I look at it as choice.” I acknowledged that in the context of the 1960s that could be one way of looking at it – but I pointed out the if he were to watch the Discovery Channel he would find a program called “In The Womb” where a variety of creatures like sharks, cats, dogs, etc are shown in the womb. There is no question in the mind of the folks doing that program that the tiny sharks in their respective mother’s wombs are sharks long before birth. Couple what the technology of sonograms tells us about life at conception with the barbarity of late term abortion and the difference in values between abortionists and non-abortionists is profound. He changed the subject.

“Well they are all liars.” This guy bought into every whacky assault from the left on the right. He brought up the Valerie Plame affair “they were guilty because someone went to prison for it.” No – Scooter Libby was at worst unfairly prosecuted for having a faulty memory and it happened after the special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had full knowledge of where the leak had actually come from. I’m still angry at President Bush for not pardoning Libby. Fitzgerald had nothing, but he had to screw someone after wasting all that time and money so he skewered poor Libby. The only persons that lied throughout the Valerie Plame affair were Plame herself and her hapless husband Joe Wilson. Our dangerous man said that he didn’t know what the ”truth” was and I told him, “You just heard the truth.”

When I pointed out the gross and obvious lies told to us by everyone from Obama to Pelosi to Reid and the virtually endless list of fellow democrats, he trotted out the only thing that the left has – “Bush lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction to invade Iraq.” Amazing – they are sure getting a lot of traction out of that one. First of all, the military did find Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq. They found it in both shipping and weaponized form. They found mustard gas in artillery shells and they found deadly Sarin gas in ampoules. Evidence that the Iraqis planned on getting back to a robust nuclear program was found as well. There is anecdotal evidence from well placed sources in the Iraqi military that given the long period of time available to Saddam Hussein prior to the invasion, the entire nuclear weapons program was shipped to Syria. Just because you don’t find something doesn’t mean it wasn’t there – it is very difficult to prove a negative. The funniest thing of all is that no one wanted us to believe that he had nuclear weapons more than Saddam Hussein. America was the secondary target though – his first target was Iran. He desperately wanted Iran to believe that he could nuke their ass if Iran attacked Iraq. Many of the actions of Iraqis in dealing with Americans and most particularly inspectors from the UN are totally unfathomable if indeed the Iraqis weren’t hiding a nuclear program. Throughout the period following the first Gulf War Saddam Hussein was playing a cat and mouse game with the UN inspectors with the sole purpose of keeping his nuclear weapons programs secret – it seemed. Well the joke was on him and he is dead now – but the left persist in maintaining that Bush lied.

The standard liberal talking point arose that the invasion of Iraq didn’t have anything to do with the events of September 11, 2001. That may be true, but the eventual invasion of Iraq would have had to happen even if 9/11 had not happened. There were 10 specific reasons mentioned in the United States War Resolution and only one was about the possession or possible possession of WMD. It might have been the most important issue to Democrats and others, but it wasn’t the only reason to overthrow Saddam Hussein and his barbaric and unstable regime. Did Bush lie? Absolutely not.

Our discussion of lying lead to how Democrats and Republicans dealt with problem members. The most obvious was the way Democrats locked in to protect serial cheater and pathological liar Bill Clinton as opposed to how aggressively Republicans have tried to get rid of Governor Mark Sanford. Of course the side issue here is that Bill Clinton wasn’t attacked for his wide-spread marital fidelity, rather he was prosecuted for perjury. There was more, but you probably get the idea.

People like this are dangerous because they consider themselves to be well informed. They are not intellectually curious about much of anything but rather they buy the narrative from the left hook, line, and sinker. They vote, guided by passion unfiltered by facts. To be sure there are enough Republicans who stain themselves with a variety of problems to give a kernel of truth to their argument – but again, Republicans generally handle those guys in a very different manner.

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