Friday, January 15, 2010

Damn . . . . Governing is hard

I imagine that President Obama might be thinking (if he weren’t so narcissistic to believe in his Messiah-like infallibility) that governing is hard. In the days ahead we are going to have to suffer through the inevitable comparisons of Obama’s response to Haiti with President Bush’s response to Katrina. I think that is a valid comparison as the governments that need to be rescued are very similar. You see Haiti’s problems have nothing to do with her people, but rather much like New Orleans have everything to do with their government.

Haiti is governed by one of the world’s most corrupt governments just as New Orleans has been crushed under despotic and corrupt rule by democrats. Like New Orleans, Haiti has been the recipient of billions of dollars of aid that has disappeared like smoke into various projects that don’t solve any of their problems. As a direct result, Haiti like New Orleans is not ready to be helped. Hearing about aircraft circling over Haiti that can’t land with their cargoes of relief supplies is reminiscent of Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans screaming “I need 500 buses man!” while more than 2,000 of his school buses sat immobilized underwater. Remember Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco emphatically stating that she needed “everything” we had immediately? Even though she had no idea where it would go, how it would be distributed, or what she actually required. No doubt Blanco had no clue as to what “everything” meant to the people she was talking to.

New Orleans couldn’t receive help because democrats just like their socialist brothers and sisters in Haiti are focused on preserving power and harvesting the perks and privileges that come from public office rather than serving the people of their communities. The essential and important responsibilities of government get lost in all the delivery of gifts to supporters and the social engineering of their various communities.

Haiti is a nation of 10 million people and the size of Maryland yet it only has two paved aircraft runways and only one longer than 5,000 feet. Makes you wonder what they did with the $8.9 Billion in aid they have received from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. I guess the projects weren’t “shovel ready.” It also makes it hard to help them. US assistance to Haiti averaged $200 million a year 2004 through 2008 from USAID alone. Further an estimated 4 million Haitian people overseas send home $1.5 Billion each year.

I know that it isn’t politically correct to say these things while people are still buried in rubble – but then again – when will we confront the utter folly of our foreign policy? Don’t give these socialists money – give the people freedom. That’s where I believe President G.W. Bush was right. If we export democracy everyone is a winner.

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