Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brown's Election Saved You -

The Honorable James Webb and Mark Warner,

Ironically enough, the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts may well have saved you and your colleagues from making a series of disastrous mistakes. Had you been successful in getting that Health Care monstrosity signed into law; the effect on the Nation would have been catastrophic. The effect on the Democrat Party would have been entirely satisfying – it still might come this November. You have a chance to recover; I hope you don’t waste it.

First – dump Health Care as an issue. It never was an “emergency” and you know that. Put a bullet in Cap and Trade while you are at it. Focus on shrinking the Federal Government and cutting taxes. I think that a good start would be to cut Congressional expenses by 15% and cut Congressional travel allowances by 50%. Show a little leadership.

Halt the ruinous Stimulus spending immediately. Eliminate any authorization for spending that hasn’t already taken place. Plow the recovered TARP money right back into the Treasury to eliminate debt. Impose an immediate spending freeze on all discretionary government spending. While exempting the Defense and Homeland Security budget, impose an immediate 10% spending reduction on all branches of the government. Follow it with another 10% reduction next year and the year after that.

Save the country Billions by stopping the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and try all those vicious murders there instead of New York City. I like Scott Brown’s idea – spare no expense in killing or capturing terrorists while eliminating expenditures to defend them.

You have been given a second chance to do the right thing. You and the rest of your Party were hurtling towards a cliff and dragging us along with you. Reverse direction now.

Sincerely Yours,

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