Sunday, January 31, 2010

Serial Liars

A friend recently sent me an old joke retooled for today’s environment – you might have seen it:

A new resident of Heaven walks into Saint Peter’s office where the walls are covered with clocks. One appears to be broken as the hands are not moving. He is told that it is a Pope’s clock and in heaven the hands only move when the Pope tells a lie. Interested the man asks if everyone has a clock and is told that they do. He asks to see Barack Obama’s clock and is told to look up – the hands are moving so fast that Saint Peter is using it as a ceiling fan.

Funny in a tragic sort of way. But what I found really interesting is that the last time I saw that joke was during the agony that was the Clinton administration. Isn’t it amazing that though President G.W. Bush and Vice President Cheney are widely accused by liberals of lying, that joke never surfaced as a Bush clock or Cheney clock. It is probably because even the most ardent liberal knows that Bush and Cheney were men of honor and that we could trust them. They weren’t liars. Not so with Clinton and Obama who are both serial liars, but it doesn’t stop there.

Think about the very public and unabashed lying that is going on. If you discount Governor Mark Sanford’s lie to cover up his Argentinean tryst, the public liars are all Democrats: Nancy Pelosi (CIA Water-boarding), Tim Geithner (Taxes), Charlie Rangel (Taxes), Tom Daschle (Taxes), Chris Dodd (AIG bonuses and sweetheart mortgage deals), Barney Frank (everything financial), Harry Reid (Health Care), and John Edwards (everything sexual). Of course the mother and father of all liars is late comer President Barack Obama who seems bent on making up for lost time. Looking through the transcript from his talk to Republican House members in Baltimore recently there seems to be a lie in virtually every paragraph. I found the video and a full transcript at The Huffington Post.

To those who would say that there is no moral difference between Republican and Democrats – you couldn’t be more wrong. There seem to be just enough bad Republicans to give fodder for the left-wing kooks, but being a liar seems to be a prerequisite to being a Democrat office holder.

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