Wednesday, October 28, 2009

60 Days

The Honorable James Webb and Mark Warner,

It has now been sixty days (60) since General Stanley McChrystal presented our President with a plan to achieve success in Afghanistan. Don’t get sucked in by that drivel about the Afghani election – it doesn’t matter who is in charge in Kabul, Americans are still fighting and dying in Afghanistan. Stop the madness – support the troops. While any policy deserves review from time-to-time, when the Nation is at war, that should be a constant and on-going event so this request for a decision shouldn’t come as a surprise to an administration that is properly focused.

President Obama is responsible right now for American deaths that might have been averted were the Taliban and Al Qaeda to have been demoralized by a decisive response to that request. Each day the President delays a decision continues to give hope to our enemies that they can affect change in Afghanistan – is that what the President means by “hope and change?”

We expect you to use your influence to get the President’s attention. In the constitution the very first duty that is listed for the President is that of Commander-in-Chief – it is first for a reason. The constitution does not authorize or require the President to do most of what he is currently engaged in – you need to focus him. A good way to do that would be to refuse to work on any other White House legislation until he supports General McChrystal and the troops – the majority of Virginians don’t support the President’s legislative agenda anyway.

W.A. Card
Dumfries, VA

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