Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Olympic Fallout

Watching this latest furball over President Obama and Conservatives given his failure to bring home the Olympics for Chicago, I must confess that my emotional response was similar to many on Conservative Talk Radio.

Stage one – The run-up to the Olympic presentations. I was ambivalent about having the Olympics in Chicago. As an American, I wanted to win but I also knew that Chicago would be a horrible place to show off the American spirit and American culture. The violence, corruption, and depravity of Chicago have been on display more than ever before now that we have a hometown guy in the White House. I could think of two dozen cities that would be better than Chicago to host the World’s athletes.

Stage two – the Obamas to the rescue. Given the attention that the War on Terror required, the inattention to General McChrystal, the cratering economy, chaos of health care proposals, and newest jobless rates – I thought that there were much more important things for the American President to worry about than the Olympics of 2016. But then there is a lot of that going around lately. I thought it was foolish to expend the significance and dignity of the office of the President of the United States on something as frivolous as the Olympics.

Stage three – the Obama show. I was floored at the approach that each of the Obamas took to their presentation. Does the First Lady really think that the world really gives a damn about her sitting on her Daddy’s lap watching Carl Lewis? (probably a lie given her age at the time and her father’s infirm health) Or how about the world giving a crap that former President Obama could walk to the Olympics from his home? (the home felon Tony Rezko helped him buy near the venue on property alleged to be owned by Valerie Jarrett) Someone should remind the Obamas that they aren’t the King and Queen of the world, but merely the temporary occupants of the White House. By 2016 Barak Obama will be four years into his attempt to save the legacy of his failed presidency.

Stage four – the result of the first ballot. Okay, I admit it – my reaction can only be described as gleeful. I hate that feeling. I remember it though from watching Jimmy Carter bumble and fumble through four thoroughly painful years in the White House. Like rebellious children, we the voters have to learn that elections have consequences and President Barack Hussein Obama is that consequence. None of us want America to fail, but increasingly we do want Barack Obama to fail – and he isn’t letting us down.

Conservative Resistance - Day 337

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