Monday, October 19, 2009

Stop Afghanistan Decision Dithering Now

The Honorable James Webb, Mark Warner, and Rob Wittman,

The top US General in Afghanistan asked for additional combat power to prosecute the war. It is unconscionable to have the President of the United States dithering around while American men and women are in daily combat with our Nation’s enemies. To attach such a decision on reinforcing those troops in Afghanistan to electoral problems with their past election compounds the insanity. Our troops are in jeopardy no matter who is in charge and no matter what form of government is running Afghanistan. You must forcefully act now to end this ridiculous indecision on the part of the President. Get General McChrystal in front of Congress now for a public discussion of the subject. The President of the United States and the democrat dominated Congress is responsible now for American deaths that need not have happened were there to have been additional US combat power in Afghanistan. If an outpost is under manned, if there is not sufficient mobility in theater to reinforce it when attacked, if the Taliban are not overwhelmingly defeated each time they pop out – then this post 20 January 2009 government is responsible for the failure of our arms and for every death and maiming that results. Get the troops the help they need or get them the hell out of there now.
Sincerely Yours,

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