Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nothing is in the way now Mr. President

In an incredible act of incompetence and political faithlessness President Obama has failed to make a decision on General McChrystal’s request for more troops in Afghanistan for 64 days. Now the rationale for delaying such a decision has vanished with a little third world sleight of hand as Abdullah Abdullah has withdrawn from the very election that Obama wants to wait for. What the news isn’t trumpeting is that this is a typical response in infant democracies when a candidate knows he can’t win. In the twisted logic of the typical left-wing loser, refusing to run for office is supposed to delegitimize the election results. (Maybe Criegh Deeds should try this?). You see even when one million supposedly fraudulent votes were eliminated; President Hamid Karzai still beat Abdullah Abdullah 48% to 27%. Mr. Abdullah can’t win and he knows it. Of course all of this has been common knowledge in the Obama White House the entire time.

I’m no particular fan of Mr. Karzai, but he does appear to be the best of the available candidates and the Afghan people signified their agreement in the last election and would no doubt do so again in the next. Of course we know the real election that Obama is waiting for occurs this Tuesday – November 3rd.

It is yet another grand act of irony as Mr. Obama speaks about the legitimacy of an Afghan election with Al Franken sitting in a seat in the United States Senate and ACORN fraud explosions going off all around the Nation.
There is no impediment to a decision now Mr. President other than your political maneuvering to please the extreme left-wing of your party.

Conservative Resistance – Day 363
Days without a Commander-in-Chief – 64

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