Friday, June 3, 2011

Today's Declareds Handicapping

Governor Mitt Romney declared yesterday that he is a candidate for President of the United States (Yawn).   Though I suppose I am going to have to place Former Senator Rick Santorum soon, I going to re-juggle the matrix. 
Handicapping the current crop of Republican Declared Candidates it looks like this:
1.        Governor Tim Pawlenty -  I think that there could be the undercurrent of President Calvin “Quiet Cal” Coolidge here – he’s the guy who saved America from the Depression that President Woodrow Wilson (D – demonic socialist) put us in.  Coolidge is the reason there was a “Roaring Twenties” and not lingering economic devastation.  Pawlenty could be a Coolidge in 2012. 
2.        Former CEO Herman Cain – Handles the “mainstream” media like the buffoons that they are.  I’m liking him more – but still a distant second.
3.       Governor Mitt Romney – Sneaks in at third place.  I’m not sure yet whether he is reliably conservative (I think not) though I do like governors better than legislators for Presidential candidates.  We have a plausible excuse now for Romney-care that I’m still mulling over.   
4.       Former Speaker Newt Gingrich – too cerebral.  Shot himself in the foot (mouth?) coming out of the gate.  Moves to number four.  
As Before – that is the end of the serious candidates. 
5.        Congressman Ron Paul – Seriously – Ron Paul? 
6.       Governor Gary Johnson – Legalize marijuana?  What party did you say you were in? 
I am not particularly despondent about this field but only because I could (and would) support Tim Pawlenty if he is on my ballot in August.  With that said – I’m still rooting for Governor Rick Perry to lead a ticket with Former Ambassador John Bolton as his running mate.  Enemies of the United States of America would wet themselves.  
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  1. Romney's on your short list? See my blog for my opinion on that boob. I am watching Perry in Texas. He might be a good one, but I dislike anyone the press likes as a matter of principle. Cain is still looking like my preferred choice of the declareds.

  2. Amigo,
    So far I like Herman Cain. He calls it as it is. The fact that he is no politcian is a plus for me. How that translates to getting a coalition together and getting elected is another issue.

    This cycle, the media won't be picking our candidate.