Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hang in there Weiner

I understand that Rush Limbaugh recommended that Representative Anthony Weiner (Pervert – NY) remain in office.  I concur.  We need to be reminded of family values Democrat style.  Maybe Weiner can hook up with Representatives Barney Frank (Pervert – MA) and Charlie Rangel (Tax Cheat – NY) to have a Depravity Caucus. 

Tony don’t you let them push you around.  You are absolutely correct that other members of Congress have misbehaved:

Rep. Tom Foley (Texter – FL) – The Republican was forced to resign.

Rep. Charlie Rangle – (Tax Cheat – NY) – The Democrat is still seated in your cesspool. 

Sen. Larry Craig – (Toe Tapper – ID) – The Republican initially resigned but changed his mind and served out the final year of his term amid a storm of protest by fellow Republicans.  He didn’t run for re-election. 

Rep Barney Frank (Marijuana Farmer and Gay Escort Service operator – MA) – Nothing can make Democrat Barney stop tormenting his country with his perverted presence and the Massachusetts voters can’t be shamed into removing their support.  Unbelievably still seated in your cesspool. 

Rep. Chris Lee – (Shirtless Self Photographer – NY) – The Republican resigned the same day that a shirtless photo of him was published. 

Sen. Teddy Kennedy – (Drunk – MA) – Killing a young lady didn’t restrain Massachusetts voters from leaving Democrat Kennedy in Congress.  The “Lion of the Senate” drank, whored, and cheated his way through the next 47 years.  Tony nothing you have ever done sinks to the level of Teddy’s wickedness. 

Sen. John Ensign – (Cheater – NV) – The Republican’s extra-marital affair led to his resignation though in fairness he did try for awhile to ride it out. 

Rep. Gary Studds – (Child Rapist – MA) – Democrat homosexual Studds had sex with a 17 year old boy whose parents probably didn’t expect him to learn about that when they sent him to be a Congressional page.  Though censured by Congress Studds continued to serve for the next 14 years.  It seems that even a homosexual predator can’t annoy Massachusetts voters. 

Rep. Dan Crane – (Child Rapist – FL) – Republican Crane was censured the same year as Studds for engaging in sex with a female page.  Florida voters did the right thing and voted Crane out the following year. 

Rep. William Jefferson – (Corruption – LA) – You remember Democrat Jefferson, the guy who kept $90,000 in his refrigerator?  He was re-elected months after the FBI raided his office and continued to serve even after being indicted the following year.  Louisiana voters ousted him the election of 2008. 

Rep. Randy Cunningham – (Easy Bribe – CA) – The Republican resigned after pleading guilty of a variety of charges involving bribery. 

President Bill Clinton – (Liar and Cheater) – The Democrat grand daddy of them all.  Nothing it seems can make the Democrat Party walk away from Filthy Bill.  Though convicted of perjury and even after losing his license to practice law, Randy Bill can still draw a crowd.  Another entry in the “You Can Make This Up” file, Horny Bill officiated at the marriage of Tony and Huma Weiner.  In another bit of irony; Huma works for Hillary Clinton who knows more about being cheated on than any woman alive. 

Tony you might see a pattern here – if not let me point out that you are absolutely in the correct party to continue to serve in Congress regardless of how despicable your actions were.  I dare say that given experience of Clinton, Kennedy, Rangle, Studds, Jefferson, and Frank you have a better than even chance of remaining in the Democrat cesspool.  Indeed you might have qualified for higher office in the Democrat Party. 

High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton       Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies


  1. I didn't see presidential candidate John Edwards on the list.

  2. Edwards hasn't seemed to benefit from his depravity. I suppose it gives one hope that even Dems find cheating on your DYING wife to be too much.


    Did you wash your keyboard after typing all that filth on it? Better get it cleaned up, or it might cause an infection.

  3. Oh, and let us not forget about Ahhnuld Schwartzenwhatever (Dim-Lite - Mexifornication). he was obviously schooled by Ted Kennedy.

    Then of course there's Elliot the Spitzer (Democritter - Whore-monger - NY)

    Lastly in recent memory, The Republican Appalachian Trail Hiker Governor from SC who was nailing that reporter in Brazil or Argentina.

    oh, almost forgot... Jack and Bobby Kennedy. Two of the biggest whoremongers that ever lived. Naturally, liberal icons now.

    I'm sure that there are others.

    You are correct Amigo, Weiner has plenty of role models. More than likely the Dim voters in the Bronx and Brooklyn will re-elected this pervert.

  4. Thank you all for your comments.

    With the exception of the Grand-daddy of bad behavior (Lascivious Bill) I restricted my comments to members of Congress in the last fifty years to avoid having to write a tome.

    As for Edwards - there is a special corner of Hell waiting for him.

    I was gratified to see that Tony "the Weiner" Weiner told a reporter just today that he wasn't going to quit.

    Did you hear that Nancy Pelosi was rumored to have tried to poison Tony "the pole" Weiner by spiking his coffee with Viagra yesterday?

    It only made him taller.

  5. Amigo,
    I just read that several fellow dim congresscritters are now demanding his resignation. That alone leads me to believe that this is only the tip of the weiner so to speak. There must be some really bad shit not yet revealed if the dims are already throwing him under the bus.

    Your comment about him taller made me laugh out loud.

  6. H-Nox -

    I likewise laughed out loud at your "tip" comment. I may be engaging in cheap shots but I don't care. I saw Dennis Miller last night on the O'Reilly show (I only tune in to see Miller) and he had me in stitches. EVERYTHING is a Weiner joke now. Darn that little prick.

  7. Amigo,
    This whole "weiner" thing is too funny to let it go. We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.

    It is absolutely mindless but hilarious nonetheless. Actually a good distraction given that we are headed for a cliff at full speed.

    One thing that we Americans are good at is laughing at stupid shit.