Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Handicap June 21, 2011

Okay – who was waiting for Jon Huntsman Junior to throw his hat into the ring?  Anyone?  I didn’t think so.  Indeed it is a bit irritating to have to redo the old handicap sheet for such a political light-weight. 

1.  Governor Tim Pawlenty – Okay, I know he wimped out on the opportunity to slap Romney over the Obamneycare crack – but I still like him in this crowd.  Understand I wouldn’t have picked him to be our standard-bearer – However among those that have declared, he is still the best.  I realize that is a little bit like picking Mohammed and saying he’s the best downhill snow skier in Saudi Arabia – but you have to play the hand you are dealt. 

2.  Congresswoman Michele Bachmann – she might be the toughest one of the entire field thus far.  Call me a Neanderthal, but I don’t think the country is really ready for a woman President and I don’t think that Bachmann is ready for the job either.  I did move her up as she is right on the issues and tough as woodpecker lips. 

3.  Godfather CEO Herman Cain – the more I see, the less he resonates with me.  I like him.  He would be orders of magnitude better than Obama, but I’m not warming to Cain. 

4.  Senator Rick Santorum – I can’t get around a real lack of executive experience.  Certainly orders of magnitude better than Obama (even with 3 years of executive experience under his belt), but I wanted a “been there, done that” guy and not a “trust me” guy. 

5.  Governor Mitt Romney – he is just not the best American for the job.  Just looking at governors who have been in the arena, none of them have screwed the pooch like Romney did in Massachusetts.   Mitt should do the right thing and jump on the first “Draft Christie,” "Draft McDonnell,” or "Draft Perry” bus that comes by. 

6.  Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. – the word that kept rolling around in my head all day was “pussy.”  I don’t want to hear any of that “civility” crap until you can find one civil Democrat.  Republicans (and in particular Conservatives) have bent over backwards to deal with these liberal lunatics to no avail.  Huntsman, go back to Utah and grow a pair.  Or get some man-up lessons from Congresswoman Bachmann or Governor Sarah Palin. 

7.  Speaker Newt Gingrich – please Newt put the campaign out of its misery.  I get the whole “ideas” thing – I do.  You are more effective from your platform on the side than you are in the arena right now.  You are damaged goods.  I think that your ideas articulated by a guy like . . . . . oh . . . . . Christie, McDonnell, or Perry would work pretty damn well.  Hell I like you, but every time I see you speak now I think “Freaking College Professor puke.” 

As before that is the end of the serious candidates.  If Congressman Ron Paul is the only choice on Election Day – I’m going to try to convince my gun toting buddies to go find a little country to overthrow and start over again.  We’ll adopt the 1870 US Constitution (we aren’t using it anymore) and see if we can prevent screwing it up this time. 

Governor Rick Perry is still my guy.  The liberals are scared too as there are some hatchet jobs starting to come out.   

Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America 


  1. Good round-up.

    1) Pawlenty is a yawner. In a tough world he comes across as a "reach across the aisle type". We've had enough of that tripe with both Bushes.
    2) Bachmann is a tough gal for sure and is smart. I like her. You may be correct that America may not be ready for a women POTUS just yet. The fact that she is in the game is good for everyone.
    3) Cain is a good guy too but I'm having reservations about him. His stand of the 2nd Amendment is disappointing.
    4) Santorum is a decent guy but I’m not sure what his message is yet. He is undoubtedly a conservative but he needs to clarify what he intends to do. We’ve had enough of the on-the-job training already.
    5) Romney is a political hack and the media loves him. That is enough of a red flag when the leftist cheerleaders support him.
    6) The fact that Huntsman was zero's water-carrier as ambassador to China disqualifies him. Nothing else needs to be said about him.
    7) Newt needs to go home. He screwed the pooch already. He needs to man-up and call it quits.

    I’m liking Chile. They have newfound freedoms after decades of dictatorships.

    The more that I find out about Perry the more that I like him. The LSM is getting ready to do an all-out hatchet job on him.

  2. On that list, I like Bachman best, but I'm gonna be on Perry's team as soon as he announces. He does sound a lot like W, so that probly pisses off the media tools. The rest of the list is disappointing. Cain isn't making any headway with his surround himself with good people talk. He needs to name some names or get some schoolin on what POTUS needs to know.

  3. I love the fact that Michele Bachman is a legitimate contender but I fear you may be right in that I'm not sure the country is ready for a woman which baffles me completely. I didn't think they are ready for a moron either and I was proven wrong there.