Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Handicap June 14, 2011

I didn’t watch the debates as I was with other Republicans planning on how we turn Virginia redder than it already is.  From the news today, it seems as if I didn’t miss much.  However I did catch Governor Rick Perry on the Neil Cavuto show today, more about that later. 
Handicapping the declared Republicans as of today:
1.        Governor Tim Pawlenty – I’m sticking with Tim.  I saw him on the weekend show on Fox and I’m convinced that he is the closest thing that we can find to President Calvin “Quiet Cal” Coolidge who saved the country from that moron Woodrow Wilson. 
2.       Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain – I still think Cain is a distant second.  Right on the issues in a folksy way but lacks experience in the rough and tumble world of politics.  The right VP could help close the gap – maybe a former governor.
3.       Congresswoman Michele Bachmann – I don’t like legislators for high office though Bachmann had a life before running for office as a tax attorney.  I’m not happy about the TEA movement connection, but if she is able to harness that movement for good she could be a real powerhouse.   My big concern is the “Sharon Angle Effect” on a national scale (TEA movement beats the Republican effort in the primary to put an unwinnable candidate on the ticket in November).  However, she is on the correct side of all the issues and she’s an in-your-face conservative.  I could just be another male chauvinist pig, but I’m not sure the Nation is ready for a woman president even though Bachmann is the best of any contenders past or present. 
4.        Senator Rick Santorum – I like his politics but I don’t like his background.
5.       Governor Mitt Romney – I can’t bring myself to trust old Mitt.  Pawlenty put his finger on part of the problem coining the phrase Obamneycare. 
6.       Speaker Newt Gingrich – being abandoned by his senior staff should have put the final bullet in that campaign and I’m not sure why that hasn’t occurred to Newt. 
No more serious candidates even though I hear that Representative Ron Paul didn’t make a fool of himself last night. 
I want Governor Rick Perry to do for the entire United States of America what he has done for Texas.  I can’t find a down side to Governor Perry entering the race.  He would go straight to the number one spot on my chart.  I remain convinced that a Perry-Bolton ticket would fix both the country and the world.  Of course the lib-Nazis would call Perry a cowboy, but the vision of former UN Ambassador John Bolton in the VP seat would make them froth at the mouth.  
 Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington     Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America


  1. Amigo,

    Pawlenty might be the right guy but he is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

    I'm with you on Perry. I've been checking him out and I like what I se so far.

    Bolton would make the libs shit themselves.

  2. I wasn't overly impressed with any of them, but I did think Bachman hit a few extra base hits. Newt did OK, like Ann Coulter said on O'Reilly tonight, when Newt is confined to 30-60 second answers, he makes a lot of sense.

    I'm not as impressed with Cain as I was before. His answer on Muslims in his administration was baffling. Of course I was talking about the ones who are trying to kill us? I'm sure the questioner meant those Muslims. Bad form. Newt answered it better.

  3. H-Nox - I'm with you. If the liberals hated Dick Cheney, they are really going to hate Bolton.

    10th - I had a hard time with the #2 and #3 spots this time. I'm beginning to feel about Cain the way I felt about Governor Huckabee - quaint, folksy, but not a deep thinker and devoid of real solutions.