Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy DC Literature (or what passes for it)

Unfortunately the only piece of Occupy literature that I snagged while on McPherson Square was the small tract that is reproduced without editing below.  Titled “STAYING ALIVE” the principle thrust of the tract was to pass on the comments by “Dave” who had just had his ass kicked by New York City’s finest.  Yeah Cops!

I’m not sure that a “friendly” movement would use an octopus trumpeting “The End is HERE, The Beginning is NEAR.”  But maybe that’s just me.  Page two talks of the “Global Revolution” and the part that “Comrade Dave MacMillan” was playing in it.  For the record Dave, I’m glad you got gassed and got your ass kicked.    
Page four includes the now iconic image of an occupier wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.  Fawkes was a 17th Century criminal who attempted to bomb the British Parliament in 1605.  He was executed in 1606.  Good role model.

Pages 5 and 6 are rated “R.”  I must admit to swearing more than I should, but really – is that what you want your movement to be known for?  Your potty mouths?  Then again, there was that little old lady that I met who appeared to be pretty damn proud of herself for screaming “F**k!” as a twenty-something.  Maybe it’s a liberal thing. 

The back cover illustrates the liberal belief that if you keep saying something, someone might actually believe you.  Not this time kiddies.  We got the memo the last time you ran the “big lie” by us.  As for literature – you guys ain’t Hemingway.

All-in-all I would advise our occupiers to pick up a copy of The Washington Times and read “Some Belated Parental Advice” by Marybeth Hicks.  Most of us actually learned that lesson from Mom and Dad – I know I did.

Tomorrow is the last installment of “What I did on my Fall vacation; Occupy DC.”  


  1. I liked the squid with it's arms wrapped around things...kind of like that old propaganda poster of the octopus taking over the world that was used by the nazis.

    And, it's sad but, true that if you constantly chant foolish crap, a fool will begin to believe it...we are the 99%...hope and change!

    Two kinds of nuts from the same tree.

  2. Good post. Thanks for sharing the literature (if one can call it that). It reinforces what we already knew about these simpletons.

    From my perspective, I believe that these OWS protestors represent 99% of what is wrong with this country.

  3. -Sepp,

    It takes a special type of insanity to see the octopus as more reflective of the American spirit than say the majestic and beautiful American Eagle.

    It is a window on the soul of the Occupy movement. Octopi and lies.

  4. Hardnox,

    It is Liberals (democrats, socialists, progressives, whatever) on full display. This is what they are. A tantrum is a tantrum whether delivered by John Kerry or a masked PHD in Gay and Lesbian Studies on McPherson Square.

  5. Good post,CS. REAL people of genius here,yessirreebob. NO difference between these shaggers and the smelly effluent of the '60's. Same old crap,different century. You'd think the libtards would AT LEAST come up with NEW strategy.

  6. Clyde,

    Thanks - you're right. Talking dirty seems to be part of the same old tune. But it's been pretty much the same since 1917.