Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Most Interesting Discussion at Occupy DC

While I was at Occupy DC I encountered a man and woman who gave my buddy and me the most intelligent conversation that we had that day.  She was originally from Pakistan now living in Canada.  She and her male companion were at a conference in the city.  She was thrilled to be at the Occupy location and pointed out that nothing like that was possible in Pakistan (duh).  [For the record she never pronounced it “Paah-ki-stahn” like you know who.]

We were getting along famously until she asked us what we thought of the Occupy movement.  It distressed both her and her companion that we believed that the Occupiers were mad at the wrong people.  I maintained that the real culprit in nearly all of our problems was government.  They were convinced it was “greed” or some such nonsense.  When she found out that my buddy had recently returned from Afghanistan she leveled all her attention at him.  She apparently bought into the mythology that we were killing innocent people by the bushel in our pursuit of terrorists.  My buddy maintained that wasn’t true. 

That left me in a discussion about how we got in this mess with her friend.  Her companion allowed me to actually roll out the story of the democrat (progressive, liberal, socialist, whatever) destruction of the home loan and housing industries.  When I was done he said: “So your position is that government caused the current crisis and that we would be better off if they got out of the way and let the market set prices.”  You nailed it pal.  You now have the answer.  Of course if he was from Canada as well – he would know that Canada never experienced a severe home mortgage and banking crisis because they never had a Jimmy Carter, Bawdy Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, or Chris Dodd to undermine their banking system.  Further, they don’t have a Barack Obama heaping further abuse on their financial system except that our failure to recover does do collateral damage in Canada

By that time our Pakistani friend (maybe not) had determined that my friend (unlike our President) was completely unapologetic for any of the excess force leveraged in the world by the finest military that world has ever seen – she declared that it was time to go.  Okay “Bye.”

It might not have been a victory, but it was more mentally challenging than the old lady who could proudly say “F**k!” or pajama boy who maintained that Abraham Lincoln was his favorite founding father. 

I might be guilty of milking this visit too much, but I think I have one or two more sets of observations and more pictures for you tomorrow.  


  1. CS,

    Milk it.

    Bumped into a relative of Mom and Mrs. CS via email today - interesting genealogy discovery - 5 cousins from that branch who served in the Marine Corps from 1953 til 1994. Good to know patriotism runs from both sides.

  2. Amigo,
    Check Gunny's blog. Do you recognize the gal being pepper-sprayed?

  3. Tenth,

    I think I have two more posts in me. One about the organization of the ground and the other based on a tract I picked up there.

  4. Hardnox,

    I saw that - had to NYC. I don't think that Mayor Gray has gotten fed up yet and the occupiers in DC have been pretty peaceful.

  5. What? It's NOT really called Pah-kee-stahhn?

    Trying to explain to moonbats that the government is the problem is just plain futile.

    Even if you connect all the dots for them, they'll refuse to believe it because it goes against everything they've been conditioned to believe.

    In rare cases when you explain it all to them, you can see the lights come on (or at least flicker) which is usually when another moonbat takes notice and runs over to shut them off again.

  6. That cow ain't quite dry yet. Yours is a perspective of this "movement" that at least is based in reality.And,no,I agree with Sepp here. These people honestly think government IS the answer instead of the problem. To convince them otherwise will take a LOT more sledgehammers to the head.

  7. -Sepp,

    You are probably right - but there might just be a Whitaker Chambers out there waiting to come over from the Dark Side and into the Light.